Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Mysterio & Spider-Man

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The Spider-Man franchise collapsed under its own weight in the third installment much in the same way that X-Men 3: The Last Stand did. Both films suffered from stuffing too many characters in a single movie and the overall experience suffered because of it. But there was one villain that the fans were hoping would be included in Spider-Man in a throwaway role much in the same way that Scarecrow was used in the Dark Knight.

Years ago, the fans clamored for Bruce Campbell to make a brief appearance as Mysterio! Bruce became famous for his role as Ash in the Evil Dead series directed by Sam Raimi and was included in three throwaway roles in the Spider-Man films. So some fans were hoping for a fun scene with fishbowl-head that was like the classic fight scene in the Spider-Man 2 video game.

Mysterio was created in the 60s, and like most bad guys at the time that meant his costume was going to be mostly green and probably purple. It’s just a weird trend of the comicbook industry. But Mysterio’s best known attribute is his head.

Quentin Beck was a practical affects technician in the movie business that felt his career was in a dead end so he turned to a life of crime using his tricks and illusions. To make himself seem off-worldly, Mysterio covered his head with a giant fishbowl, threw on a bright green jumpsuit and tied a purple cape around his neck before calling it a day and this figure does a fantastic job with that.

Mysterio is in his classic costume and is looking good. His got a giant head with those eye buttons attaching his cape along with his odd boxy gloves. His whole outfit is textured. Mysterio moves at the shoulders and waist, but his cape limits his waist movement. It is worth noting that because of Mysterio’s hunch, he’s a tad on the short side.

Like almost always, Mysterio comes with a Spider-Man but this one is special because it’s the first plain Spidey! No crazy pose, no extreme webbing. Just Spider-Man standing there with one hand in a fist and the other ready to grip. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders, neck and waist making him pretty poseable!

Spidey is in his movie costume still, so that means raise silver webbing over his red and navy costume. It all looks fine and does a great job giving us just a standard, generic Spider-Man. But if you’re upset about what to do with so many different Spider-Man figures, you can take the easy way out and say this one is the Chameleon!

As a two-pack, this is a great way to get a classic Spider-Man figure. Throw in the fact that Mysterio is one of the original members of the Sinister Six, and you’ve got a great little pack. Sure, neither of the figures are super exciting but they both look good.

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Wave 4
Spider-Man & Mysterio
Spider-Man & Black Cat
Puma & Venom

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