Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Iron Man & War Machine

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The second (and last) pack of Wave 16 of Marvel Super Hero Squad is an interesting one. Containing a straight repaint and one of the most elaborate resculpts to make a figure look almost identical to an existing one, this pack is anything but essential.

Invincible, armored leader of the Avengers!

Iron Man is up first, once leader of the Avengers, then director of S.H.I.E.L.D. before being exiled, this figure is his modern day appearance. Cast in red plastic with yellow detailing, the figure looks good when he’s unmasked. The armor from the neck down looks great – complex, detailed and looks mechanical.

The paint on the figure is clean and crisp, detailing the important parts without bleeding over. His face looks great with the smug, cockeyed expression. From an articulation standpoint, the figure isn’t quite what you expect. The Iron Man costume allows for a lot of seamless integration of articulation but this figure only sports it at both arms and the neck. A fine amount, but nothing too exciting.

This figure also boasts the second accessory in this entire line! First was Captain America versus Red Skull pack that came with a removable shield. In this case, Iron Man has a removable helmet. And that’s where all the problems of this figure arise. The helmet is huge. I understand it has to be to fit over Tony’s head but when it’s on, it looks absurd! It’s oversized and leaves his back neck exposed.

At first glance, Iron Man looks like a repaint of the unmasked Tony Stark that came with one of the first Iron Man movie 4-packs. But he’s not. It’s almost an identical sculpt with minor differences and a new arm. The face is closed mouth, the chest emblem is larger, the legs have ever so slightly different sculpting and the spine has ridges on the new one.

High-tech cyborg super hero!

Paired with Iron Man is his best friend, War Machine! James Rhodes is a no-brainer when it comes to pairings with Iron Man – especially for those that grew up with the Marvel Action Hour. His premise is simple: he’s a guy in a suit painted different colors and with more guns attached.

While Iron Man looked like a repaint but wasn’t, War Machine is a direct repaint. First released in the Face Off 4-pack against Crimson Dynamo. The first version of the figure was a charcoal with gray while this one is black and silver – War Machine’s most iconic color scheme. He’s basically the colors of the Collector’s Pack 1 War Machine on the Face Off pack’s body. A nitpick about him is the color of the highlights – the eyes, palms, and chest emblem are all gold colored. It looks fine, but in my mind I always seen War Machine as having red eyes and accents.

From an articulation standpoint, War Machine is sporting it at the arms and the waist. His shoulder mounted guns limit the movement a little, but mostly just look odd if moved too far. The lack of neck rotation makes it so War Machine is looking at a slight downwards angle.

Overall, this pack is pretty good. If you don’t own War Machine or Iron Man already and want modern variants, this will do it. If you want Iron Man who is wearing his helmet and doesn’t look absurd, you can do better. At least the pairing of these two characters makes sense. It would have been much better to get some villain in this wave, since the wave as a whole came with three figures we have in some way already, and they were essentially glorified repaints. Unless you’re a completist though, you can skip this pack and not be missing much.

Super Hero Squad Wave 16
Iron Man & War Machine
Spider-Man & Moon Knight

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October 19th, 2009 at 8:49 am

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