Super Hero Squad Mega Pack Review: Ultimate Giant Man & Ultimate Iron Man

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It seems like someone at Hasbro is a big fan of the Ultimate Universe, because in the course of a year a whole bunch of Ultimate characters got released. The Fantastic Four all wore their Ultimate uniforms, even Captain America and Nick Fury joined in. So with the second wave of mega packs, it followed the same theme by adding two more members of the Ultimates to the mix!

The biggest genius in the world!

The mega figure in this pack is one that makes a whole lot of sense: Giant Man! Much like his 616 counterpart, Hank Pym is a genius who created a growth serum allowing him to grow 60 feet tall. But since the Ultimate Universe tries to be slightly more grounded in science, his whole look got a major overhaul.

Since there are no unstable molecules, Pym has to change into his Giant Man costume after he changes, so he ends up spending a lot of time naked in the comic, like any time he uses his powers without planning on it. Thankfully, this figure doesn’t do that and shows Pym in his costume.

Giant Man’s costume is a massive maroon leather one-piece with extra padding on the shoulders and legs for design. His face is mostly covered by a pair of goggles that he needs to wear since Human eyes aren’t exactly designed to work when they’re 10 times bigger.

Giant Man moves at the neck and legs, and his shoulders are ball joints! He’s a fine looking mega figure and stands around 6 inches tall, but it’s odd that the Ultimate version got released before classic Giant Man or Goliath.

High-flying, repulsor-blasting, super-rich super hero!

In the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark is a recovering alcoholic and sometimes can be a downer. So the Ultimate Universe took everything that was fun about Tony and got rid of the boring parts. So you’ve got an absurdly wealthy super genius who spends all of his time drunk. He decided to become a super hero after learning he has an inoperable brain tumor. So he knows he’s going to die soon, but he doesn’t know when.

The Ultimate Iron Man armor takes many cues from the classic look, but updates them in many different ways. The color scheme is now mostly gray with maroon plating and yellow detailing. The figure’s sculpt is incredible with a mess of overlapping mechanical parts that looks really good. Except for the fact that everything is far too skinny, it would be fine for a robot, but trying to say a person is in there is a stretch.

Ultimate Iron Man follows the classic Iron Man pose, one hand clenched and the other is repulsor out ready for battle. The biggest change to suit is the helmet. It looks much more insect like and really helps set him apart from the other dozen of different armors. Iron Man moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The first wave of mega packs made a lot of sense, but included variants for the smaller figure instead of a brand new one. Packing together Ultimate Iron Man and Ultimate Giant Man, especially when Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Nick Fury came out at the same time almost completes the Ultimates line up! If you’re a fan of the Ultimate universe, they’re great figures but can easily be avoided if you only care about 616. Now if only Ultimate Thor would get made.

Super Hero Squad Mega Wave 2
Ultimate Giant Man & Ultimate Iron Man
Apocalypse & Beast

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June 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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