Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Pyro & Ultimate Iceman

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There are certain powers that naturally make sense going against each other, like fire and water. So when it came time to expand Magneto‘s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, packing Pyro up with Iceman made perfect sense. At least until you realize that those two are no where near the same power level.

Bobby Drake is a founding member of the X-Men, and he follows in the footsteps of the Thing because he got a figure released just one wave ago. One of the laziest mutants, Bobby never did anything to push his powers unless he absolutely had to. He first only covered his body in snow because he didn’t know he could turn into ice!

But this version of Iceman is based on his Ultimate look. Showing off his ice power, Bobby is mid-transformation. His legs and underarms are translucent blue while his torso and head are painted to look like his ultimate costume.

Iceman is unarticulated but there’s one big issue for the figure: his head. Ultimate Iceman’s most noticeable costume attribute was the fact that he wore a black bandanna on his head. This figure instead has spikey brown hair.

In the X-Men movies, Pyro served as the foil to Iceman. But in the comics, that relationship was never at the same level. St. John Allerdyce (now that’s a name) definitely got the short end of the stick when it came to getting mutant powers. While Iceman’s powers are so encompassing he’s an Omega-level mutant with the potential of control the planet’s climate, Pyro just has the power of fire manipulation. He can control what fire does, but he can’t make fire like the Human Torch. He also isn’t even fireproof so burns are a concern.

Pyro was created by the famous pairing of Chris Claremont and John Byrne almost 30 years ago, but he got really lucky because he was created after the years of horrible costumes in the 70s and before guns, pouches and straps of the 90s.

Wearing a costume of red, yellow and mustard, Pyro’s outfit is basic and looks a lot like something that would have been created when Marvel started publishing super hero comic books. The red is vibrant on his boots, backpack and fuel tubes running to his wrist mounted flamethrowers. The mustard color looks great too, and his hair is even just a different enough color. The coverage by the yellow on his legs and gloves though is a tad disappointing and uneven.

Pyro’s got limited articulation and only moves at the neck and waist. His arms are stuck facing outwards, which is probably a good thing since his hoses would break otherwise. The only issue I have with Pyro is that he doesn’t have flame accessory! He’s basically powerless.

For fans of the X-Men films, this is a great pairing of these two characters. While it is a little odd that Ultimate Iceman is paired up with classic Pyro, Iceman looks like he’d fit in fine with the other X-Men. As for Pyro, it’s slowly by surely adding to the ranks of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

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June 23rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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