Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Black Cat & Spider-Man

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The Spider-Man Super Hero Squad line quickly expanded beyond just the movie universe and began integrating classic characters from Spider-Man’s world. Since Spider-Man is a guy who is so afraid of people finding out who he is, it’s kind of amazing that he would occasionally team up with the Black Cat.

Felicia Hardy was that girl you high school you never had a chance with and probably still don’t. Only instead of getting knocked up by her college boyfriend, Felicia decided to become a sometimes-good, sometimes-bad costumed fighter that would side with whichever side helped her the most at the time.

Black Cat is the girl that Peter would love to be with, she’s got her own super powers and can take care of herself. So she makes for a much better love triangle than say Mary Jane Waston and Gwen Stacey. But while Black Cat may be a great character that adds depth to the Spider-Man world, this figure is atrocious.

From the neck down, Black Cat looks fine. She’s wearing a black cat suit (I see what I did there), with tufts of fur on the forearms and calves, along with a fur trimmed chest that shows off almost enough cleavage to make Power Girl blush. She’s shapely and even has articulation in the shoulders.

But then there’s the face. Black Cat’s face is on the chubby side, so much so it looks like she recently got her wisdom teeth out. Her domino mask covers her empty, vacant pale green eyes while her white hair looks off, like it’s a wig. Finally there’s her smudged on lipstick that just ruins the whole look of the character. The face is just that bad.

While Black Cat is a disappointment, Spider-Man is looking great. Similar to the Spidey that came with Mysterio, this one is as classic and generic as you can get and it works wonderfully.

Spider-Man is in his movie costume still, so there is raised silver webbing over vibrant red and navy. It looks great but the best part of this figure is the sculpt and articulation. The pose is so borderline generic it’s almost boring but that’s what makes it work so well. After so many Spider-Man figures crawling and jumping, getting one that is just standing is nice.

Articulation is about as good as it gets for the line with him moving at the neck, waist and shoulders. His right hand is a grip so he can hold the essentially non-existent accessories in this line while his left is in the iconic shooting web pose. It just looks good.

It’s a shame that Black Cat turned out as poorly as she did because she’s a great character. While Spider-Man is well done, this sculpt constantly sees release so tracking down this particular version isn’t worth it. Unless you’re really into Black Cat, this is an easy pack to pass on.

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Wave 4
Spider-Man & Mysterio
Spider-Man & Black Cat
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Written by jestergoblin

June 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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