Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack Review: Rex & Slinky Dog

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Toy Story 3 launches this weekend, so in preparation for it, I’ve been watching a bunch of Pixar films. The Toy Story 3 Buddy Packs have been a mixed bag given the absurd amount of reuse and repacking of Buzz and Woody. So after getting a pack with Buzz and a pack with Woody already, I wanted to avoid repeats and picked up Rex and Slinky Dog.

At first, I didn’t realize how stylized these figures really are. After watching Toy Story, I remembered how textured Rex was supposed to be. So when I now look at the figure, he seems on the plain side.

He’s a green tyrannosaurus rex and that’s about it. Rex only moves at the tail (Which doesn’t do anything other than make the paint not line up) and the neck, which is cut much further down than I expected. His tiny arms and massive legs are glued in place. The whole figure is smooth with the exception of the corners of his mouth like Trixie, which look scaled.

The paint on Rex isn’t too exciting either, his toenails, teeth, belly and eyes are painted. That’s it. The rest of the figure is the same shade of green. His eyes seem to be a little off, so instead of looking out, they’re looking at each other. Combined with his overbite, it looks like he’s just been punched and is in pain.

Paired up with Rex is the jive-talking, Slinky Dog! Of all the figures, Slinky Dog is an interesting figure. On one hand, his sculpt is well done and matches the actually toy. His torso is made to look like a slinky while his feet are wheels. But on the other hand, he’s a solid chunk of plastic making the slinky portion of him useless.

But the biggest issue with my Slinky Dog is a basic quality control one: he’s missing his left ear! Because of how he is packaged, I didn’t notice until I opened him up. It’s a disappointment.

Unlike Rex, Slinky Dog at least got some paint. His slinky is silver, while his body is several different shades of browns and yellows. His green collar looks good too. But Slinky dog is also lacking in articulation, he only moves at the neck.

As a two-pack, this one is just boring. Rex doesn’t really look anything like his on-screen counterpart other than being a dinosaur and being green. It’s like Mattel was making some little dinosaur figures and decided to slap the Toy Story logo on them to charge more. As for Slinky Dog, even if he had his extra ear that wouldn’t be enough. The fact that he’s supposed to be made of a slinky and isn’t, well that’s just poor design. Throw in the quality control issue and I’m left feeling ripped off. It’s a shame, because Buzz and Twitch was an excellent two-pack but this one is enough to put me off Toy Story 3 Buddy Packs for good.

Written by jestergoblin

June 17th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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