Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Loki & Thor, Lord of Asgard

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I always love listening to Stan Lee explain how he came up with various ways of giving his heroes super powers. Anything that sounded vaguely scientific would get included, like gamma rays, radiation, cosmic rays and even mutants. But there was one other well he went to for inspiration: mythology! It’s amazing, because in many ways comic books are the same as the mythology of old.

Thor got his first figure in the second Avengers themed wave of the Super Hero Squad, but instead of just redoing that design, this pack gives us a brand new version of the Norse God of Thunder! Decked out in his Asgardian armor, this version of Thor is the one that took over for his father, Odin, before Ragnarok ended their world.

Thor’s armor draws inspiration from his original costume. The red cape, the blue torso, even his helm has wings on it. It’s a fantastic reimagining of the founding Avenger that looks right. But the big thing about Thor is his size. This figure is three inches tall from his feet to Mjolnir! That’s almost a full inch taller than the average Super Hero Squad figure.

There is one oddity about Thor and that’s his pose. He’s standing upright and has his hammer raised to the sky. It’s a great look but it’s the only way he looks good. His shoulder joints are at odd angles that only look good in this single pose, otherwise his arm looks broken. As for his waist, he’s pretty much stuck since his cape blocks it.

Paired up with Thor is his half-brother, the lord of chaos Loki! Indirectly responsible for the formation of the Avengers, Loki has constantly been a thorn in his brother’s side.

Loki is hunched over with his right hand pointing, a pose we’ve seen multiple times before. But in this case, it works very well. Loki is a villain that prefers manipulating others, not being in the heart of battle. After all, he was the reason the Hulk went on a rampage in the first place.

Loki was designed by Jack Kirby and it definitely shows because his outfit is absolutely crazy. Wearing a mesh of bright greens and yellows, he certainly looks unique. Throw on a cape, a massive pair of horns and an odd banner coming out the top of his head, he looks right. Loki moves at the shoulders and neck, but his waist is blocked by his cape.


Loki is one of those villains whose actions cause unforeseen consequences. He accidentally gave the Avengers a reason to form and he also is responsible for the formation of the Wrecking Crew. So while his fingers are muddled in all parts of the Marvel Universe, there really is no better character to pair him up with besides Thor. Plus it finally gives the Avengers someone to fight besides each other.

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June 18th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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