Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Ultimate Nick Fury & Ultimate Captain America

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During the mid-90s, I stopped reading comic books altogether. The speculation just got out of hand and the stories just weren’t good. Sure, Age of Apocalypse was fascinating to me but as a whole, I just wasn’t able to buy that many comics. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that my friend told me I needed to read Ultimate Spider-Man. I was hooked immediately and once again found myself down at the shop every Wednesday to get new books, except this time I was only buying Ultimate titles.

The Ultimates may be one of the best miniseries to come out of Marvel in the last decade. Mark Millar’s writing and Bryan Hitch’s art made for a great story for the reimagined Avengers. Though I was a little shocked when Hasbro said they were going to make Ultimates in the Super Hero Squad, since those comics aren’t exactly for kids.

Ultimate Captain America is very similar to his 616-counterpart. But instead of the bright costume, Ultimate Cap dons a more utilitarian outfit. A solider first, Captain America’s new outfit shows. His army boots, gloves and belt are all brown. He’s now sporting a helmet without wings that’s strapped to his head.

While the colors are subdued, the toy still looks like Captain America. He’s got the iconic shield and the stars and stripes motif on his chest. The sculpt is well done and even includes the chainmail texturing. The paint for the most part is well done, but the A on his forehead can creep dangerously close to his eyes. As for articulation, Captain America moves at the shoulders and waist.

While Captain America didn’t change much going into the Ultimate Universe, Nick Fury did. Still the director of SHIELD, the biggest change to Nick Fury is turning him into Samuel L. Jackson. The recent Iron Man movies went this route, so now a black Nick Fury isn’t anything strange. But this set came out three years ago, back when a black Nick Fury was rather odd especially since classic Fury hadn’t been released yet.

Ultimate Nick Fury is an interesting figure that honestly looks like he’d be more at home with the G.I. Joe Combat Heroes than the Super Hero Squad. He’s wearing combat boots, camouflaged pants and a leather jacket. It’s not really the look I’d associate with Ultimate Fury but a black guy in a black trenchcoat is probably Blade’s territory.

The sculpt is impressive for the style, going as far as sculpting his eye patch instead of just painting it on. But there is one oddity, he’s clutching what appears to be a fire extinguisher. Sure, it could be a bomb but it just looks odd. Ultimate Fury moves at the shoulders and waist just like Captain America.

As a two-pack, these two work great together. For collector’s who dislike the Ultimate Universe, they can avoid it all together. While it seems odd to release Ultimate Fury before classic Fury, it’s a fun variant. Also it could be a reference to the diguise Fury wore in Mighty Avengers #13. But I still have this nagging doubt in the back of my head that this pack includes a black guy with an eye patch holding a bomb paired with Captain America, I can easily see how he’d get pegged as the bad guy especially since the package only gives a name.

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June 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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