Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Decepticon Sneak Attack

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Optimus Prime lays a trap for Megatron and the Decepticons and if all goes according to plan, the evil robots will be defeated once and for all. Mirage creates a holographic replica of an important rocket base to lure the Decepticons in, but as the battle begins, the Autobots discover only a few of their enemies are real. Megatron has tricked them, and the real rocket base is under attack as they speak!

Good work there Optimus, I didn’t think it was possible to be outsmarted by a Transformer who turns into a handgun that can only be fired by another Transformer. But while the plot behind this pack is rather contrived, the packaging isn’t. Much like the Super Hero Squad 5-Packs, this set is excellently done with a whole miniature cityscape in the diorama.
Anywhere the Autobots go means you’ll see Optimus Prime. A repaint of his first figure, Optimus is now decked out in what the packaging calls “Super Metal Finish” which is just a special way of saying he’s extra shiny. All the paint on Optimus is much more vibrant and glossy and it works well for the Autobot commander.

Aside from the extra paint on his toes, Optimus is identical. He’s still holding a massive gun and has that pose where he points. Optimus still moves at the shoulders and neck.

On the side of the Decepticons, their ruler has also stepped foot onto the battlefield. Like Optimus, Megatron also got a special coat of Super Metal Finish but this time it’s really noticeable and really works. The original Megatron was an oddly pale gray color but this one is bright silver.

The pure silver combined with a deep red and blacks for details really make Megatron look better. Just a simple coat of paint turns the figure from a disappointment to a must have. He still moves at the shoulders and can aim his arm cannon at any unsuspecting Autobots.

The third repainted Transformer in this pack is Mirage. The elitist Autobot that seems to rarely want to help, Mirage is a capable spy, marksman, hand to hand fighter and can turn invisible, he’s just lazy. This “invisible” Mirage is cast in translucent blue plastic which looks good and makes him a worthwhile variant. Or maybe it’s a hologram of Mirage, so there’s no harm in having two.

Mirage moves at the shoulders and neck, but what really sets him apart are the decals on his shoulders. The beginning of a word is present “CITA.” Mirage’s Formula 1 racecar design was based off #26 driven by Jacques Laffite who was sponsored by Gitanes, a French cigarette company. So the “CITA” really should be “GITA” but you can’t blame Hasbro for not wanting to advertise for a Tobacco Company.

While a repaint of Starscream, this Decepticon is his own character: Skywarp! For some reason he’s able to teleport, but instead of using his powers to be the greatest threat to the Autobots, he’s more likely to use it pulling a prank on his fellow Decepticons. Basically, Starscream or Megatron need to keep a constant eye on him otherwise he’s unpredictable and a threat to himself and everyone around him.

Like Thundercracker, Skywarp is just a straight repaint which makes him fit in just fine with the other Seekers. Decked out in blacks and purples with just a hint of silver and orange, he’s visually distinct and looks enough like his own character. Sure, a different head sculpt would have been nice but almost every toy of Skywarp has been a straight repaint of Starscream. Skywarp is standing on an oddly silver cloud and towers above most Robot Heroes. He moves at the shoulders allowing him to aim his arm guns.

The final figure is another Autobot and a repaint like Skywarp. Instead of being the yellow Bumblebee, a coat of red paint turns the figure into the warrior Cliffjumper! The warrior that is either exceptionally brave, horribly overcompensating or just too dumb to know better (or maybe a combination of those); Cliffjumper is always the first one into battle.

Being a straight repaint, Cliffjumper is pretty basic as far as figures go. He’s a mess of red, gray and black that works surprisingly well and gives him enough color to really look different from Bumblebee. The figure moves at the shoulders and neck. Sadly, he’s missing his glass gas gun.


For a pack of five repaints, this is very well done. Optimus Prime is the most disappointing, but only if you already own the other version. Megatron is a great improvement, while Mirage is a variant that makes sense. Throw in the fact that Skywarp and Cliffjumper are brand new characters and it’s a pack worth getting as a collector. For kids, this is an automatic battle in a box! The fact that it’s split two-on-three makes for a great jumping on point for the figures.

Written by jestergoblin

July 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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