Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Puma & Venom

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This is the second pack of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad to not include the webhead himself! Instead it’s a pack of two sometimes-allies, sometimes-enemies. Sure, one of them is a repaint but I prefer well done repaints over absurd resculpts of characters that don’t need them.

One of the three big bads in Spider-Man 3, Venom is a repaint of his figure that came out in wave 1. Instead of being metallic blue, this Venom is based off his movie appearance. The symbiote looks good on this Venom, like some twisted version of the antihero. The webbing design looks like someone too big tried to cram himself into Spidey’s black costume and the look works.

Venom’s sculpt overall looks good. His hands are clawed, his body is bulky and he’s got a good hunch that works well. Sure, his face still has the oddly goofy grin with the tongue coming out of the side. Venom moves at the shoulders and neck.

What really sets this version of Venom apart is the paint. Venom’s suit is black with dark gray webbing and giant silver eyes. His tongue is a dark pink, while his teeth are yellowing. It’s a nice update to the figure and makes him movie-accurate.

This set marks the first time Puma has ever gotten his own action figure! Thomas Fireheart is basically Batman if he were Native American and a werecat. So he’s just absurdly wealthy. Puma is one of those characters that is C-list on a good day. His loyalty is to his people, so he ends up fighting Spider-Man as often as he helps him.

Puma is wearing an interesting costume that is covered with a few touches to really hammer home the fact that he’s Native American. He’s wearing bright red capris with a matching vest along with a necklace made of teeth and some feathers on his arm band. The only thing he’s missing is a dream catcher.

In addition to being able to transform into puma/mountain lion/cougar, Puma is a skilled martial artist so his pose seems intended to evoke the idea of a battle stance. His right hand is out palm down, while his left is drawn up behind him in a fist. Sadly, Puma only moves at the shoulders.

The paint on Puma seems really bright with him looking like a melted creamsicle wearing bright red and having tufts of orange fur. This fur is odd because some of it is sculpted, like on his shins and arms but his hands are feet are bare! He also is lacking his claws on his hands. The biggest oddity is the face itself; Puma’s face looks far too human. He’s got pointy ears but nothing about his face says “I’m a giant cat.”

For collectors who want to minimize Spider-Man figures, this pack is a fine one to get for grabbing a movie-accurate Venom. Venom’s repaint works well and looks good. A thing to note though is the Venom shown on the packaging doesn’t exist! Hasbro never released that version. As for Puma, he’s an okay figure. I don’t think anyone was clamoring for a Puma toy, but getting any ally for Spider-Man makes his fights are bit more even.

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Written by jestergoblin

June 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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