Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Vulture

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The last wave of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad barely made it onto shelves in a lot of stores when it came out. It was only two packs total though, since for some unknown reason the Kraven pack was canceled at the last minute and never went into large scale production. So while the Sinister Six may never be completed, one additional member showed off his wings in the final wave!

Adrian Toomes was an inventor who was ripped off when he discovered his business partner embezzled his money. So like any rational person, he built a suit that allowed him to fly, made giant wings and threw it on while still wearing his green pajamas. And that’s the origin story of the Vulture.

In the Spider-Man mythos, Vulture is the first villain that Spider-Man faced more than once, though you have to wonder how much of a threat an old man can really be to the webhead. Vulture is in his classic costume which is a green jumpsuit with booties, large wings attached to his arms and a rufflely collar.

The original outfit for Vulture isn’t the most exciting look visually, but this figure does a great job of looking right. His wings are finely textured and the lines in his suit are all sculpted. The paint is pretty basic, he’s all green except the head and hands, which are skin-toned and look good. Vulture moves at the neck, waist and shoulders.

One odd thing about the figure is how the Hasbro Heroes style doesn’t translate well for older characters. Vulture’s no longer wrinklely and his gray eyebrows are light brown instead. In the last few years, there seems to be a push to make the Vulture bald and younger instead of older. But if they ever make an Aunt May figure, she might look too young.

Spider-Man is paired up with his winged foe, but this time he’s a repaint. Instead of being in his black costume, Spidey’s crawling on the ground in his classic red and blue colors.

This time around, Spider-Man is painted in oddly subdued colors. The reds, blues and grays are all very dull but in a way almost seem more realistic. The paint is fairly well done, but a few of the webs are off and misaligned. Spidey moves at the shoulders and neck, but he’s pretty much preposed since he’s crawling.

This two-pack was absurdly expensive for a while given its relative scarcity. Thankfully, Hasbro has begun rereleasing some of the harder-to-find figures and released Vulture with Spider-Man. If you really just want a Vulture, get that pack because it’s a lot cheaper and easier to find than this version.

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Wave 5
Spider-Man & Vulture
Venom & Sandman

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June 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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