Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Sandman & Venom

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The final Spider-Man Super Hero Squad two-pack is based solely around Spider-Man 3 and has a single goal: rereleasing the movie’s villains. But instead of just repacking Sandman and Venom, both of these guys get brand new sculpts. Plus it’s great having Venom paired up with Sandman because Venom once bit a chunk out of Sandman that caused him to melt.
The first Sandman figure showed Flint Marko in much more of a half-man, half-sand guy. This time around, he’s mostly man with a bit of sand. Besides his right hand and left foot, Sandman is pretty normal looking. He’s just a guy wearing a green t-shirt, brown khakis and black shoes. Nothing too exciting, but it’s true to the source material.

Sandman’s right hand is formed into a mace of sand that has some great texturing on it to show it’s transformed into sandstone. His left foot is similar but a much muddier look to it that works well.

The clothes on the figure are full of sculpted details like the stripes on his shirt. His face is a bit odd and doesn’t seem that Sandman-y. Sandman and Norman Osborn has similar faces, but this one kind of attempted to be Thomas Haden Church but ended up just looking goofy. Sandman moves at the neck, shoulders and waist.

The paint on the figure looks good. There are some coverage issues on his shirt, but the paint used on his mace and foot look great and are nicely airbrushed. Both are different colors, but it really helps convey that they are different kinds of sand.

Venom’s had no shortage of representation in the Super Hero Squad and this figure marks his third appearance in just the Spider-Man line alone. But instead of being a repaint or a repack, this one is a brand new sculpt and he looks fantastic. The most noticeable aspect of this figure is the sheer size of him.

Nearly completely bent over, Venom would probably stand close to 4 inches tall if he was allowed to be straight up. This animalistic pose works great for the symbiote-bonded antihero. But what really works for the figure is his costume. Instead of being just his movie costume again or his comic book costume, the two looks have been turned into a fantastic looking amalgam.

The standard black body is there with dark gray webbing on the chest, arms and feet. But his chest is decorated with a massive white spider symbol. The webbing is asymmetrical which also works well for the character.

This Venom also gets his giant tongue. No longer sticking out to the side like a joke, this one has gone full Gene Simmons with a giant, bright red tongue. It’s a fantastic blend of the two looks!

Articulation is on the minimal side with one his shoulders rotating. The paint on Venom is well done with crisp white eyes, teeth and emblem along with a bright red tongue. The dark gray webs are mostly lined up, but his feet have a few minor issues that really don’t hurt the figure overall.

While Sandman may not be the most exciting figure, it makes sense for him to finally get a second figure since he was one of the main characters in the movie. On top of that, he’s recently learned to make copies of himself like Multiple-Man, so an extra one won’t go to waste. As for Venom, this is a worthy update of the character and a fantastic blend of his on screen and comic book counterparts.

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June 29th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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