Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Human Torch & Annihilus

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While Wave 3 was Fantastic Four focused, there was a straggler pack of the Thing and Mole Man that snuck its way into wave 4 of the Super Hero Squad. This pack continues the trend by offering up a different member of the group on one of their best known foes from the Negative Zone.

Johnny Storm has already gotten three figures to call his own in the Super Hero Squad. But those three were all the same sculpt and this one is his second new sculpt. Like Ultimate Iceman, the Human Torch is partially showing off his powers. Instead of being entire flame, the lower half of Johnny is cast in translucent orange plastic.

The plastic used looks good and has a nice depth of colors going from yellow to orange. Johnny’s upper torso, head and part of his arms are painting in his classic blue and white costume. Amazingly, this version of the Human Torch moves at the shoulders.

There is one odd part about Johnny though and that’s his face. The figure is really tan, but not as bad as Gambit, but the decals used for his eyes make him look almost Asian. Combined with his blonde hair and eyebrows, it’s definitely an odd looking face that doesn’t really look like the Human Torch.

Know how you know Annihilus is evil? He’s wearing purple and green! This giant insect with a desire to destroy everything has been around for over 40 years. At first glance, Annihilus certainly looks unique but the figure has some odd aspects to him.

Annihilus is sporting a massive pair of leathery wings that are as wide as he is tall. Throw in his spiky shoulder pads, a giant torso and a terrifying head and the figure definitely looks like the Negative Zone ruler. One odd thing about the sculpt is his legs, he looks like he’s just wearing a pair of leggings and has normal feet instead of his giant insect ones.

The other issue with the sculpt is how his arms are jointed. Annihilus can either have his arms out like he’s ready for fisticuffs or they can completely cover his face which doesn’t make much sense.

While good paint can’t do anything to make up for a bad sculpt usually, bad paint can do a lot to ruin a figure. Annihilus is only four colors: metallic purple, light green, dark green and yellow. The purple used for his armor looks great and really conveys the idea that it’s protecting him. But the pale lime green used on his face just lets all of his details disappear – especially since his mouth is just painted over!

Getting Annihilus is another one of those classic Fantastic Four villains that works well for the team to face off against. He’s fairly accurate and looks like a winged alien demon, so that’s a plus but the paint issues just make him feel flat. As for Johnny Storm, he’s a decent figure but the half-aflame, half-not look seems really one note. Had he been just all in costume or all aflame, he’d be a lot better.

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June 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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