G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Review: Flint & Baroness

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Every male in their mid 20s to early 30s with either a redhead fetish or a glasses fetish probably got it from a single cartoon in 80s: G.I. Joe. So when Wave 2 of the Combat Heroes was announced to have both Scarlett and Baroness in it, I was excited to get tiny, cute versions of the two.

It’s a harsh reality, but promotional photos released by toy companies often end up lying. Many figures look great but once they’re on the shelves, they barely even resemble what was originally shown. Sadly, Baroness falls into this trap.

Baroness is wearing her iconic costume: an all leather outfit with her librarian glasses. From the neck down, she has a surprisingly intricate sculpt. Instead of just making her mostly smooth like Black Cat, Baroness’s boots, belt, body armor and gloves are sculpted. It is a little odd that her gloves don’t match though.

With her right hand resting on her hip and her left clutching a giant gun, Baroness’s balance is thrown off. To make matters worse, her figure got warped in the packaging and has major difficulty standing. Her body is solid black with the Cobra emblem decal applied to her chest. The logo looks oddly large and oddly placed. Usually Baroness’s emblem is dead center in her cleavage but this one is centered at her sternum. Baroness moves at the shoulders only. Her neck may be a joint, but her hair makes it immobile.

Baroness’s face suffers from many different issues. Toy companies still haven’t found a good way for making figures with glasses, so most take the easy route and use sunglasses instead. This version of Baroness tries to show off her glasses but the dull gray lenses combined with her red eyes make her look a little crazy. Her lips are a tiny bit separated and showing the white of her teeth but it just doesn’t look like a smile.

The Joe in this pack is the stand-in for Duke: Flint! He’s basically Duke with brown hair and wearing a hat, otherwise they both fill the role of the generic solider leader. Compared to most members of G.I. Joe, Flint seems to be the most generic. He’s a guy in camouflaged pants, combat boots, a pair of gloves, a t-shirt with matching beret and suspenders made of ammunition. I mean, this guy works with a guy who carries an axe while wearing a fireproof orange jumpsuit.

Flint moves at the big four, waist, shoulders and neck. It’s plenty of articulation for the figure and works well. His left hand is clutching his giant single-barreled shot gun while his suspenders look to be ready to provide ample extra rounds.

The sculpt and paint on Flint are both above average but there’s nothing about the figure that seems really exciting. He looks like a solider, though his face kind of reminds me of Bruce Campbell.

Baroness is such a let down that I think she even begins to take Flint down with her. Thankfully, her movie figure shows much improvement and is worth getting. As for Flint, there’s nothing bad about his figure but there isn’t anything about him that seems super exciting. He’s a solider with a gun but lacks any sort of personality, but that’s pretty accurate for the character too.

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Written by jestergoblin

June 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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