Mini Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

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Every collector has that one toy that they cherish more than the rest of their collection. It may be that one super hard to get import or even just a toy that is full of the most memories. For me, it’s got to be my original Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I got for my 3rd birthday. Amazingly enough, that same figure has survived the last 20 some-odd years. But over the last few years, I switched scales for toy collecting. Instead of the 6 inch scale, I started with the 2.5 inch one for figures like Super Hero Squad, Combat Heroes and Action League.

So I wanted to find some miniature turtles to include in my display but Playmates Mini TMNT were less than stellar. It was near impossible to get a set of four turtles for a reasonable price, especially since the two-packs included “stealth” versions of the turtles which really just meant they were solid black.

But while moving I remembered that many years ago I had picked up four tiny turtles at the Dollar Store. So I ventured into my basement and uncovered these little guys!

All four of these tiny turtles have the exact same sculpt, which is surprisingly rare for Playmates to reuse the designs in full. But hey, each figure was only a dollar so I won’t complain.

The turtles all seem to draw heavy inspiration from the original Raphael figure, so they’ve got the grimacing face with a mouth that looks like an 8. What’s most odd about the figures though are the limbs. Seeing as these toys are 7 years old now, it would make sense for them not to follow the Heroes style of oversized hands and feet.

But all four turtles have tiny hands and feet! Like, their whole hand is smaller than the Thing’s finger! So stylistically, they don’t match all that well but Mattel’s style doesn’t really mesh with Hasbro’s either.

Since the figures don’t have sculpted elements to set them apart, all four of the turtles are distinguished by colors. Following the trend of making each of the four turtles a different color, Playmates has given everyone a unique look.

Leonardo is olive green as always with his bright blue bandanna. Michelangelo is sea green with orange. Raphael is still green with the classic red bandanna. Donatello is his odd shade of brown with his purple color. Unlike the classic turtles of the 80s, these figures follow the designs set out by the TMNT2K3 show so they’ve got brown pads and black belts without any letters on them.

Articulation is the standard five joints: shoulders, legs (which are v-cuts) and neck. Nothing too exciting but at this scale and price, you don’t get much. Sadly, these figures don’t include any sort of weaponry which is a shame because these same figures were released years ago as the Mutaforce figures and but I don’t think they got weapons then either.

While these four figures are exact repaints of each other with minimal articulation and no accessories, I still really like them. Sure, I wish I had gotten a mini Shredder to go along with them to fight now, but even just having four turtles in the same scale as the Avengers, Star Wars and even Hellboy just makes them fun. Throw in the fact that they were only $4 for the set, it certainly makes them look like a bargain compared to today’s prices for a two-pack being $8.

Written by jestergoblin

July 1st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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