Mega Super Hero Squad Review: Apocalypse & Beast

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One of my favorite X-Men villains has always been Apocalypse. Sure, he can be a walking Deus Ex Machina at times with a near unlimited power set that changes depending on what the story needs, but the idea of a several thousand year old mutant that believes in survival of the fittest as the only way to live is kind of cool. Throw in the fact that he’s a shape and mass shifter; it made a lot of sense to make him one of the mega Super Hero Squad figures.

Immortal mutant dedicated to domination!

Apocalypse is considered to be one of the first mutants and was born over 5,000 years ago as En Sabah Nur in what is now Egypt. While he was created in 1986, which is relatively new for a comic book character, Apocalypse quickly became popular and, for a time, succeeded in taking over the world in an event known as the Age of Apocalypse. He’s big, mean, imposing and one of the few threats that could make the X-Men and the Brotherhood team up.

Since Apocalypse’s mutant power seems to pretty much be “all of them,” fans were excited to get a giant Apocalypse figure similar to the Marvel Legends version. Instead of that, Hasbro went the route of absurd cuteness which really doesn’t work for the big blue mutant.

Apocalypse stands about a head shorter than the other mega-sized figures, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in girth. This guy is fat. Instead of being a mutant of muscle, he looks like he’s eaten several dozen too many cupcakes. All the elements that make Apocalypse are present, the weird blue lips, the giant “A” belt buckle, even the tubes that connect his arms to his back for no apparent reason.

But the figure is short, squat and way too wide. His facial expression is a doozy too. He looks like he’s trying to make the DreamWorks face while being threatened. Sure, the Sentinel was smiling and Galactus looked like he didn’t know what to do about the guy on fire he was packed with, but Apocalypse just looks off.

Apocalypse does manage to get some of the best articulation for a mega figure. He moves at the waist, wrists and even has ball-jointed shoulders. His neck is articulated too but his collar inhibits it some. The paint on Apocalypse is well done with the appropriate silvers and blues. They also got his eye color right: red! The only odd paint is his smiling, open mouth that has slanted teeth painted.

Super smart, acrobatic, blue-furred X-Man!

Of all the original X-Men to pair up with Apocalypse, Beast seems like an unlikely choice. Apocalypse was responsible for turning Angel into Archangel and has a long history with the Summer’s family. So including the blue fur ball is a tad strange.

Beast is a repaint of the figure that came out in Wave 4 with one major difference: he’s flocked! This makes the figure actually furry. The process of flocking is when a figure is coated in glue and then blasted with fibers that then dry onto the figure giving them a furry appearance. Moss Man from the Masters of the Universe and Movie Master Splinter are two of the best known examples of flocking from my childhood. But it also means the figure can’t get wet or the flocking will come off.

The coat of fur covers all of Beast except his nails, palms and face. The shade of blue works well, though it does seem to be a little on the light side for color. One new difference is Beast has a different style of eyes that look slightly more feline.

Beast still moves at the shoulders and waist and the figure still feels a little undersized for the founding X-Man. Sure, his hands and feet are massive but the figure could just use a little more bulk.

Of all the mega packs, this one is definitely the biggest let down. Beast is a fun and different variant but flocking as a process really limits the playability of the toy. As for Apocalypse, nothing about this jolly blue giant seems right. His face and body are wrong and instead of looking like he’s ready to committed genocide, he looks like he just made snow cones for everyone. As for the pairing of the two, it just seems like an odd choice since Beast was never one of the Horsemen unlike Angel, Gambit, Wolverine and even Hulk.

Super Hero Squad Mega Wave 2
Ultimate Giant Man & Ultimate Iron Man
Apocalypse & Beast

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June 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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