Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Off-Road Avenger with Wolverine & Captain America

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I’ve ranted enough about the faulty packaging design of the Superhero Squad vehicle sets but I’ve got another wave to review but this time it’s about two of the New Avengers and an oddly displaced SUV!

The most powerful patriot in America!

Captain America is by no means new to the line and this is a figure we’ve gotten twice already with two different paint schemes. He was first sold in wave 6 during the height of Civil War and the whole “Why aren’t the packs Cable & Deadpool and Captain America and Punisher?” The second time was with a metallic paint job in the second wave of 4-packs in Avengers Assemble.

With his shield on his back, Captain America has both hands free giving him either the ability to tell you to halt or high-five you. It’s a fine sculpt overall, clean chain mail top and nicely detailed. Nothing over the top, but there rarely is anything like that in the Heroes lines. I still don’t care much for the grinning visage on Captain America, but it’s more fitting then the super-angry version in wave 1. His articulation is average: both arms and waist, giving him a nice range of motion.

But where this figure excels is the paint. With such small figures, details can be difficult and an application off by half a centimeter can make a huge difference that would be less noticeable on a 6-inch figure. The wave 6 version had some issues with the stripes on his stomach and the cuffs of his boots, while the metallic version had good paint, he suffered from being metallic. This version of Captain America has the best paint applications so far, clean lines and different shades of blue and red. He’s slightly darker in tone which is more fitting since the first release was very primary-color based.

Ultimate fighter with super sharp claws!

The second figure in this pack is Wolverine. This is a figure we’ve gotten three times already (five if you count unmasked versions) and is one of the worst Wolverine figures in this line. This figure was one of the first one released back in wave 1 and it really shows how different the line has become. His face is pudgy and in a smug frown, but his eyes are vacant empty dots. The claws are dull rods that seem to be coming out of his fists and the costume seems to be an amalgam of outfits meshed together. He’s bow legged and a really weak figure. He’s got the standard articulation, both arms and the neck but even those are limited by the fact that his stance is so wide.

Another thing that has plagued this figure has been the paint. The first release was goldenrod instead of yellow, then the Hulk release was an awful mix of metallic blue and pastel yellow that didn’t get applied properly. This one fairs a little better, the blues look okay and the yellows are the most correct we’ve seen but the stripes on the side are neon green. This is another area where the small figures are limited and it looks like some of the blue metallic paint went over the yellow but the result is bright, ooze colored green. This figure had the deck stacked against it before I even got it in my hands. I knew I hated the sculpt and the weird green stripes didn’t help it either.

An unstoppable off-road assault!

Now finally something new! The Off-Road Avenger is clearly Wolverine’s ride, given the yellow and blue color scheme, custom claw rims and the fact that Captain America would never drive such a thing. What’s most odd is that it’s name is the Off-Road Avenger. When dealing with Marvel, certain words have very specific meanings, like mutant or Avenger. Sure, Wolverine is a member of the New Avengers but this vehicle screams X-Men.

It’s pretty basic overall though. No action feature (though the package shows that mystery hole again), just four tires that spin, an open trunk and a foot peg on each side to let figures ride along. This set does get a plus though – both Captain America and Wolverine can fit in the driver’s seat! As a vehicle, it works well enough. Both characters have histories of driving around, so it’s much better than the Thing & Spider-Man pack but the whole thing just feels a little dull.

The backdrop to the whole set is Wolverine’s garage. It’s covered in claw marks and X-Men motifs but isn’t terribly exciting. His yellow motorcycle is against one wall so it could work nicely as a garage display but it doesn’t have the same sense of character that the Arachno Roadster’s display had.

To any  collector, I’d say pass on this pack. This Wolverine we’ve gotten a half-dozen times before and is still flawed, because of design and paint. While Captain America is good, he’s not worth $15 to get. The Off-Road Avenger is just boring and no real point. If you’re looking for a pack to get a kid, it’s alright. The figures are both well known but this set really needed to come with a bad guy. And get a new name.

Super Hero Squad Vehicle Wave 1
Arachno Roadster with Spider-Man & the Thing
Off-Road Avenger with Wolverine & Captain America

Written by jestergoblin

October 27th, 2009 at 1:52 pm

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