Toy Review – Wolverine Super Hero Squad X-Cutioner’s Song

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Oh X-Cutioner’s Song, I remember it as being poly-bagged and costing an extra quarter for each issue. A cross-over of epic proportions that in retrospect was really only responsible for the Legacy Virus and, in turn, the death of Colossus.

Plots within plots are revealed as Stryfe takes his revenge on those he believes betrayed him in a desolate future. Kidnapping Cyclops and Marvel Girl, he hides them both in a heavily protected base on the moon. Only Wolverine has the power to destroy the base’s defenses and rescue his fellow X-Men.

Cyclops is a repaint of the same figure released in the original wave of Super Hero Squad and the sculpt is showing the differences in style that the line has gone in. Painted the same as the first release but only in darker colors, there isn’t much new here. There is an attempt at a slight wash on the figure, but it’s only on his boots.

While the colors work better on Cyclops, it doesn’t help the figure overcome the fact that one of his arms looks broken – so only his waist and left arm articulation are useful.

Marvel Girl as the packaging claims isn’t Marvel Girl, it’s Jean Grey in her lovely 90s costume. She falls victim to the same issue that plagues almost all the females in this line: inability to stand. But still, Super Hero Squad got a Jean Grey before Marvel Legends. Jean’s hair isn’t accurate to the source material, but this modern look works better.

Jean’s face looks odd though, and her hair seems to be a little high up but not nearly as bad as the actual Marvel Girl figure. In a very odd twist, Jean only moves at her left shoulder.

Another repaint in the set is Wolverine, from the Psylocke pack. This is one of the two best Wolverine sculpts in my opinion (Brown costume is the other).  A solid pose but the paint is what makes the figure good.

Without the battle damage and brighter colors, Logan looks more like his iconic self. He’s also got “super hero eyes” – solid white which works really well. Probably the best yellow Wolverine released yet. Wolverine moves at the neck, shoulders and waist.

The last figure in the set is Stryfe, the clone of Cyclops and Madeline Pryor (who was a clone of Jean Grey)’s son who was sent into the future, Cable. And that is why I hate the X-Men sometimes. While I dislike Stryfe as a character, the figure is great.

He’s in the classic villain stance – one hand clenched into a fist and the other hand up in the air, just like Apocalypse. Stryfe’s also got a fantastic face, his smug mouth and uneven eyes are a great balance of cartoony-ness without going over the top. Stryfe moves at the shoulders and neck.

uncanny_xmen_296Overall, the pack is pretty good. While two repaints are kind of annoying, it could have been much worse. Plus, it’s a good Wolverine and that’s the best paint job on that Cyclops yet. When originally listed, just the name was given and from a storyline stand-point, these four make sense as a pack, since it’s basically the cover of Uncanny X-Men #296 only with Wolverine thrown in since it is his movie line. Besides, how many people really wanted a little baby cable?

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