Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Green Goblin & New Goblin

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The Spider-Man Super Hero Squad line had a tough path to tread. With only a singular hero that meant a lot of packs would get Spider-Man but this is the first one to drop the titular hero and included a father and son pair instead! Sure, it doesn’t make any sense from a continuity standpoint, but getting two goblins over another Spider-Man isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The first Green Goblin figure was Norman Osborn riding on his goblin glider but this figure drops the glider and is standing ready to fight. Norman is in his movie outfit again which is surprisingly intricate for a sculpt with various overlapping plates and parts. His right hand is clutching a pumpkin bomb while his left is awkwardly out, like he’s steadying himself.

While the costume sculpt is good, the pose is rather odd. Green Goblin only moves at the shoulders, which means his neck is stuck in a downward looking pose that can’t be changed. The paint on Green Goblin isn’t terribly exciting either since his costume is just metallic green. So the whole figure is just green with orange eyes and silver teeth. The pumpkin bomb is well detail with green lines and white dots on it though.

After discovering that his father was the Green Goblin, Harry Osborn decided to give himself the goblin formula and become the New Goblin. Not exactly the most creative name, but Harry never did have his father’s brain.

Like his father, New Goblin is standing on the ground. Instead of some crazy super villain costume, Harry is wearing essentially a modified base jumping suit. It’s mostly all black with some extra padding and straps for support. His feet are massive, like he’s wearing snowboarding boots.

Just like Green Goblin, New Goblin only moves at the shoulders but his arms are in odd poses – like he’s trying to touch his elbows together. His right wrist is bladed. The paint on Harry isn’t too exciting, he’s mostly all black. Only his wrist blades are silver, while his shoulder pads, mask and belt buckle are dark green.

Harry’s hair is also painted and is very detailed which seems kind of odd for the figure. To go along with the odd level of detail, Harry’s shoulder pads are thatched and look almost too detailed for this kind of style. What’s most disappointing about Harry is that neither of his figures came with his laser sword!

If you’re trying to avoid getting too many Spider-Man figures, this is a good way to eliminate one pack and two extra Spider-Men. But neither of these figures seems that good. Both have odd poses, minimal paint applications and just don’t seem right being off their gliders. Basically, there just isn’t a good version of New Goblin released in the Super Hero Squad.

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