Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Battle for New York

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The Super Hero Squad turned out to be far more popular with both kids and collectors than anticipated, so Hasbro was soon putting out more product. But instead of having a repeat of Wave 5 with 16 figures, the Super Hero Squad starting getting sold in four-packs along side the two-packs: they’re basically like the 5-packs but in smaller packaging.

Not all heroes live the glamorous life of the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. Most slug it out at street level against thugs and bank robbers of the worst kind. This crew of tough heroes battles evil wherever it hides, from the shadows of the city’s alleys to the rooftops of its skyscrapers!

It’s ironic that the package says not everyone gets to be in the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, and then includes Spider-Man who has been in both groups! Spidey is a repaint but instead of being in his movie costume, it’s been redone to look like his more classic red and blue outfit.

Spider-Man is wearing much brighter colors that really help him fit in the comic book world that most of the Super Hero Squad figures are in. His red and blues are vibrant and since this is his comic costume, his webbing is all painted black instead of silver. Though since the web lines are rather thick, his chest emblem looks more like a blob than a spider, but at least he’s got the other giant emblem on his back! Spider-Man moves at the shoulders, neck and waist.

Another for-a-brief-moment member of the Fantastic Four is none other than the demon infused, flaming motorcycle rider Ghost Rider! A repaint of the figure that came out in wave 2, this version is pretty much identical only he’s got a few extra painted details.

Ghost Rider’s leather jacket, pants, boots and gloves are all still black but many more painted parts. His shoulder spikes, buttons, belt and boot buckles are all done silver while his shirt is painted dark gray which really helps make the figure look like more than a leather daddy. The other big change to the figure is the flaming skull. This time, Ghost Rider’s head is cast in translucent orange plastic and then painted so the flames have a bit more depth. Ghost Rider still moves at the shoulders and barely at the neck because of his giant chin. He also still can’t ride the motorcycle.

What may be one of the villains in this pack is none other than Frank Castle, the Punisher! A repaint of the figure that already came with Ghost Rider once, Punisher looks pretty much identical to the last version except he’s holding a green bazooka instead of a silver one.

Punisher’s suit is a glossy black this time around too which works better for the whole costumed crusader vibe he’s got going. But the figure still has that weird half smirk combined with parted hair that just seems really out of character. His right arm is still oddly done too and reminds me of Cyclops. Punisher moves at the shoulders and waist.

The final figure in this pack is also a repaint but at least this looks a little different. Over the years, Elektra really has only had two different outfits: red bathing suit and white bathing suit. This time around, the Greek assassin is in her white resurrection outfit. Which basically means it’s identical to her red one.

Beyond her new white clothes, Elektra also looks like she’s been getting some sun because she’s much tanner than before. To help with her feminine side, she’s also now sporting actual lips and eyelashes! At this scale, those two things go a long way for helping the figure look good. Elektra still moves at the shoulders and suffers from horrible balancing issues because of her massive sai.


As the first foray into the 4-pack realm, this one certainly falls flat. All four figures are repaints and none of them are that exciting as repaints even. Elektra is the best of the bunch since it’s actually a variant that is visually distinct but the three guys are just bland. If you own any of these figures, this set isn’t worth it and better versions of each of the guys exist. For kids though, this is a decent jumping on point that includes four figures that have all had movies in the last decade, so they might at least be memorable.

Super Hero Squad 4-Packs Wave 1
Battle for New York

Spider-Man, Elektra, Punisher & Ghost Rider
X-Men Showdown with Magneto
Wolverine, Colossus, Emma Frost & Magneto

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June 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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