Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: X-Men Showdown with Magneto

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The first Super Hero Squad 4-pack that I reviewed was just four random repaints thrown together in a box set that was less than exciting. But upon opening the second pack, it’s immediately apparent what’s going on since all four of these figures are brand new sculpts.

The most powerful enemy the X-Men have ever faced is back, and determined to destroy them once and for all! Magneto, the Master of Magnetism can bend the basic forces of the universe to his will, and it will take all of the fighting skills and teamwork of the uncanny band of mutant Super Heroes to defeat him!

The Master of Magnetism has already gotten released twice in this line, once with a bronze base and the other time with a silver base. This figure of Magneto though marks the first time he’s ever just been standing on the ground.

Magneto is in his classic purple and red costume and all the elements are there though it does seem like his belt is connected a little high up. Magneto’s cape is much bigger and more sweeping. The pose overall is a great one though because his outstretched hands look like he’s using his power. The catch is his face doesn’t. This is the most calm, impassive Magneto toy I’ve ever seen! He isn’t grimacing or screaming in rage, he just looks completely indifferent.

The paint on Magneto is slightly problematic as well, since the figure is purple plastic and then painted red so a few areas on his arms are spotty and have the purple showing through. Magneto moves at the arms and kind of at the waist but his cape blocks most of it.

On the side of maybe good, maybe evil is the lovely White Queen. Emma Frost has gone from archenemy of the X-Men to their second in command and girlfriend of Cyclops recently. This version of Emma is based on his classic appearance which means she’s dressed like a stripper.

Emma’s entire outfit consists of thigh high boots, elbow length gloves, a corset, panties and a fur trimmed cape. So I guess she’s like a really classy stripper. Her boots have quasi-heels on them that amazingly don’t mess up her stability! A telepath that recently learned she can turn his skin into diamond, Emma certainly pushes the boundaries of what Hasbro is willing to do with the Super Hero Squad figure.

Emma only moves at the neck, but her head is fantastically done with the perfect amount of adorableness that isn’t too over the top. Her blonde hair looks good while her bright blue eyes and pink lips are painted perfectly. She’s even raising an eyebrow!

Since it’s impossible for Hasbro to release anything X-Men themed without including Wolverine, this figure includes the adamantium bonded Canadian. A brand new sculpt of his brown costume, Wolverine looks a little off – like he was thrown head first into a wall.

The costume elements are all well done and his mask has just a hint of a furrowed brow to make him look like he isn’t just blindly smiling. Wolverine moves at the shoulders, neck (well, where a normal person would have a neck) and waist. On his own, he looks kind of dumb, but Hasbro knew what they were doing with Logan.

The final figure is a much needed one: Colossus! His first sculpt released was full of flaws like being too small, too skinny and lacking important sculpting details like the lines in his metal skin! This version fixes all of that and is the best version of Colossus out there.

Wearing his classic red and yellow costume, Colossus looks great. His arm bands and knee pads are sculpted along with his odd wire belt. His head is big, sculpted and just looks right. Colossus moves at the shoulders and waist, but that’s not all he does.

Colossus’s right hand is in a grip that just so happens to hold Wolverine’s foot perfectly. Since Wolverine has a metal bonded skeleton, he’s heavier than the average guy so it takes someone with super strength to throw him, which Colossus can easily do! This is a fantastic way to show off the classic Fastball Special move with these figures!

There is one nagging issue with this pack: these three X-Men could never hope to beat Magneto by themselves. Sure, Emma Frost is a telepath but Magneto’s helmet blocks that. As for Wolverine and Colossus, both of them are guys made of metal! Sounds like a really unfair fight.

This four pack is fantastically done and really shows what the Super Hero Squad is capable of. While I prefer the floating Magneto over this standing one, he’s a well done figure. Emma Frost looks great and shows Hasbro is willing to push the envelope. As for Colossus and Wolverine, if this set only had one of them it’d be less exciting but getting them together and allowing them to do a Fastball Special is a great nod to collectors and a fantastic way to add in a play feature.

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