Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Man Face Off

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When the first Iron Man movie came out, many fans were holding their breath just incase the movie turned out to be like most comic book movies: awful. Sure, for every Blade and X-2, you’ve got to deal with Ghost Rider, Punisher, Daredevil, Elektra and Spider-Man 3. So when it turned out that Iron Man was actually good, it caught us somewhat off guard. Hasbro didn’t even release Super Hero Squad figures based off the movie for the first wave!

Iron Man’s arch-enemy the Crimson Dynamo has teamed up with the Titanium Man to take out the Iron Avenger once and for all. Even the invincible Iron Man will need help against the technological terror of his enemies. Luckily, his friend War Machine is always ready for a fight!

To call Crimson Dynamo Iron Man’s arch-enemy would be like saying the Rhino is Spider-Man’s arch-enemy. It just doesn’t really seem right. Besides, Crimson Dynamo is a rank in the Russian military, not a single character. This figure is actually the 6th Crimson Dynamo, Valentin Shatalov and there have been a dozen others in the armor including Anton Vanko, the father of Ivan Vanko, who is Whiplash in Iron Man 2.

A Colonel-General and member of the KGB, Shatalov acquired the Crimson Dynamo armor and assembled a group of Russian super humans known as Remont-4 with the hopes of returning the Soviet Union back to Stalinism. He was later blamed for the death of the first Titanium Man and retired.

This version of the Crimson Dynamo armor is one of the most streamlined suits that is very reminiscent of Iron Man’s own armor. Instead of a bulky suit, it’s form fitting. Full of mechanical details, the suit looks good. It follows the generic comic book design: boots, gloves, some weird chest piece while the arms and legs are a different design. The armor sculpt itself is well done and looks like the character but the pose has one oddity: his right arm. Like Cyclops, it’s drawn back like he’s preparing to punch but can look really weird in some poses. Crimson Dynamo moves at the shoulders and waist.

The paint applications are very well done. Crimson Dynamo has metallic silver on his arms and legs, while his helmet is a fantastic impression of Boba Fett. The only odd part is he’s more maroon than crimson.

Titanium Man was originally Boris Bullski, a former KGB member who was actually trained by Black Widow at one time. While running a Siberian labor camp, Bullski was tasked with creating a suit of armor to fight Iron Man in. The end result was the Titanium Man suit.

A massive green behemoth, Titanium Man is a hefty figure. About the size of the Hulk, he’s big, green and metallic. Wearing a bulky suit, the figure looks great. His armor consists of bright green elements with forest green accents and everything is sculpted in. He even has those weird nipples on his chest (what else would you call them?).

Titanium Man’s face is so well done. He’s got the classic yellow star eyes that Don Heck gave him when he was first created along with a frowning mouth sculpted into his face. Titanium Man moves at the shoulders and waist.

Iron Man has always been a thorn in the side of the Soviets given the fact that he’s the ultimate capitalist. While Tony’s actually arch-enemy is probably the Mandarin or Captain America (or even just alcohol), this version of the Iron Avenger is either his Mark V or Mark III suit.

Like the first Iron Man figure, Shellhead is blasting off the ground. He stands about three inches tall. Clad in red and yellows, this is about as classic Iron Man gets. His helmet has the widow peak, while his chest has two bolts on it. Iron Man moves at the waist, shoulders and wrists. This allows for some good blast off poses.

The paint is well done on the figure. His eyes and mouth are white, which is preferable to trying to show a human face underneath. His yellow paint is glossy while his red has just a hint of being metallic. The blast off by his feet is pale yellow and orange with a dust cloud.

Since making Tony fight two members of Remont-4 isn’t exactly fair, he’s brought along help in the form of James Rhodes. Decked out in his personalized War Machine armor, Rhodes is looking good. A specially modified version of Iron Man’s Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, it’s bulkier since it was stronger armored and had more weaponry attached to it.

This version of War Machine is so much better than the first basic repaint. A brand new sculpt that’s painted charcoal and silver, he looks great. War Machine has a missile launcher mounted on his right shoulder and a Gatling gun on his left. He’s even got the laser on the side of his head. He looks like he came right out of the 90s Iron Man cartoon!

War Machine moves at the shoulders and waist allowing him to aim with his shoulder weapons or aim with his fists. The paint is very well done with no slop, but it does seem a little odd that he repulsors and eyes are painted yellow instead of red.

This four-pack is so well done. For fans of Iron Man comics, it’s got the four of the biggest names. Sure, the version of Crimson Dynamo they picked is a little odd, but his figure is still well done. For kids, this is an instant battle which is what multipacks should be!

Iron Man Super Hero Squad

Wave 1 – 4 Packs
Hall of Armor
First Appearance Iron Man, Silver Centurion Iron Man, Tony Stark & Hulkbuster Iron Man
Iron Man Face Off
Iron Man, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man

Wave 2 – 4 Packs
Crimson Dynamo Attacks
Crimson Dynamo, Desert Armor Iron Man, Assault War Machine, Classic Iron Man
Genius of Tony Stark
Ultimate War Machine, Iron Spider, Hulkbuster Iron Man & Second Appearance Iron Man

Wave 3 – 4 Packs
Iron Monger Attacks!
Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark III, War Machine & Iron Monger
Danger of the Dreadknight
Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Dreadknight & Zhang Tong, the Mandarin

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