Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: Hall of Armor

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Of all the super heroes, there is really only one that can get away with an absurd number of variants that actually make sense: Iron Man. While most characters with crazy levels of preparedness don’t go beyond just carrying an antidote or a chunk of a rock, Iron Man goes out of his way to built new suits of armor just in case one of his friends starts attacking him. The guy has trust issues.

Tony Stark has built dozens of Iron Man suits over the years. Each one is specialized to a unique purpose, and stored here, in the Hall of Armor, until the day when it will have to be used. This single room holds the most powerful collection of weaponry ever assembled on Earth – equal to the might of most other super heroes combined!

Many different Iron Man figures have been released over the course of the Super Hero Squad line but this is the first time we’ve gotten a figure that shows off the man behind the mask. Tony Stark is wearing his modern Extremis Armor, but instead of just being a guy in a suit his helmet is off. Tony’s head is fantastically well done with an open mouth smile, some absurdly sculpted facial hair and some swaying black hair. It looks like a cute version of Tony, all he’s missing is a drink.

As for the rest of his armor, it’s elaborately detailed. All elements of the suit are sculpted to give the appearance of overlapping plates and mechanical parts. His right arm is outstretched to be blasting a repulsor while his left arm is cradling his helmet. Sure, the helmet is a little small but it certainly makes for a unique looking figure.

Tony moves at the neck, waist and right shoulder. The paint on the figure is all well done with his suit being metallic reds and glossy yellows. His head is perfectly done with the black and tan not bleeding or mixing at all.

All super heroes have to start somewhere, and Iron Man still has his very first suit of armor he made. Forged when his was a prisoner of war during either the Korean War, or Vietnam or Afghanistan depending on the writer, the First Appearance Armor (or the Mark I) certainly looks unique.

A single, dull color: gray, the armor is bulky and looks like there would be a guy in it. A few sculpted details for the plates the armor is basic but it matches the source material perfectly. It even has the shoulder antennae! The sculpt is plain and the pose is a good blend of ready to fight and just a suit of armor on display.

1st Appearance Iron is all gray with a yellow-white repulsor and arc reactor along with black for the eyes and mouth. He moves at the waist and shoulders. But there’s also a variant of this armor! Instead of being flat gray, it’s shiny silver! While it may not be accurate to my knowledge since he went from gray to gold, it’s a fine looking suit and seems like the kind of thing Tony would do.

One of his many upgrades is the Silver Centurion armor. It’s basically his classic red and gold suit done in red and silver with the addition of shoulder pads (well, it was the 80s). Originally used to fight Obadiah Stane, the Silver Centurion armor was the pinnacle of engineering at the time of its creation.

Capable of whatever the plot needed thanks to “3-D knitting” which is totally made up, it’s a good looking suit. Silver Centurion is posed leaning forward with his arms out to his sides. Silver Centurion only moves at the waist and shoulders, but they are severely limited by his massive shoulder pads. The paint on the figure is fine with glossy reds and silver along with white details on his face and unibeam.

Because Tony doesn’t trust his friends, he created the Hulkbuster Armor for the inevitable time when the Hulk goes rampaging through the city. Originally intended to be an add-on to the Mark XI Modular Armor, it’s a massive suit designed to go toe-to-toe with the gamma infused green guy. It can also lift 175 tons, which seems slightly unnecessary.

The Hulkbuster Armor seems to derive its look from Juggernaut with a round, domed head and covered in extra gear. The whole figure is massive and fits up well with the original Hulk figure. Plus, it actually looks like the kind of armor someone would wear. The sculpt is well done with a bunch of extra touches, including fingers that look jointed. The armor is massive too, about twice the width of the average Super Hero Squad figure and half an inch taller. The armor moves at the waist and shoulders since he doesn’t have a neck.

This four pack is pretty solid and makes a lot more sense than the Wolverine Origins one that came out. Having a bunch of extra Iron Men isn’t the worst thing since Tony is always switching suits. For collector’s this is a fine start to the Armory (especially since the package is made to look like the inside of the Armory!). Kids may be a little put off since there aren’t any bad guys but getting three classic armors and Tony Stark is a solid starting place.

Iron Man Super Hero Squad

Wave 1 – 4 Packs
Hall of Armor
First Appearance Iron Man, Silver Centurion Iron Man, Tony Stark & Hulkbuster Iron Man
Iron Man Face Off
Iron Man, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man

Wave 2 – 4 Packs
Crimson Dynamo Attacks
Crimson Dynamo, Desert Armor Iron Man, Assault War Machine, Classic Iron Man
Genius of Tony Stark
Ultimate War Machine, Iron Spider, Hulkbuster Iron Man & Second Appearance Iron Man

Wave 3 – 4 Packs
Iron Monger Attacks!
Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark III, War Machine & Iron Monger
Danger of the Dreadknight
Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Dreadknight & Zhang Tong, the Mandarin

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