Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Spider Racer with Spider-Man

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This toy is stupid. The sheer amount of vehicles that Spider-Man gets in the Super Hero Squad is absurd. He’s the super hero who doesn’t know how to drive. Not he doesn’t have a license but Spider-Man actually doesn’t know how to drive. I guess that’s what happens when you become a super genius with super powers while still in high school.

In an amazing twist, this pack includes a brand new Spider-Man sculpt. It doesn’t make sense to make a different version of Spider-Man standing up with his right hand webbing and his left as a grip. Spidey’s also standing really straight.

The paint isn’t terribly exciting, but at least the silver webs are well done. The red and blue are dark but the whole thing is cleanly done. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders and waist.

In theory, the draw of this set should be the vehicle. But seeing as Spider-Man has no need for a car, it doesn’t make sense. The Spider Racer is completely unique from the other Super Hero Squad vehicles. The whole convertible is covered in little spider touches like the hood decal, the floor and door webbing and the giant spider rims.

The vehicle is basically just a blue base with a red covering so paint is very minimal. In a nice touch, the windshield is actually clear plastic but it doesn’t add that much. At least all four wheels spin without any issues.

The Spider Racer also has an action feature. Two web blast missiles can be loaded into the front bumper and fire with a push of the spider button on the hood of the car. Both missiles fire simultaneously and only go about a foot without much power but that seems to be the norm for this line. As for the missiles, they’re solid white and sculpted to kind of look like webbing.

These vehicles suffered like most of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad sets and were over produced. However, a few months ago they began showing back up at discount retailers for $7 for the pack which took the price down from hilariously overpriced down to still kind of a rip off. The Spider-Man figure is downright boring and the Spider Racer is a vehicle that just doesn’t do anything really. It’s a toy car that shoots missiles, I’m sure it will keep kids entertained for a little while but I don’t see this being their favorite toy. As for collectors, don’t even bother.

Written by jestergoblin

July 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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