Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Woman & Hulk

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Packing together a New Avenger and a classic Avenger may seem a little on the odd side, but it seems like Hulk keeps getting packed up with the ladies.

Could bench-press a skyscraper!

This is Hulk‘s second sculpt released in the line and it definitely shows a change in how the figures are being designed. Instead of the angry face, this one looks downright domesticated. He’s got big eyes, a smile that could melt Betty’s heart and some bed head that would make Edward jealous.

Given the face, this doesn’t seem like the Hulk made of rage but almost more along lines with Smart Hulk. His arms are huge with even bigger hands but his feet still have that mysterious fifth toe. To really set him apart, Hulk is wearing the tattered remains of a white shirt along with ripped blue pants instead of his traditional purple.

Hulk moves at the shoulders and waist. The design looks good and the figure is appropriately massive. There is an issue with the paint though. The green skin isn’t consistent and fluctuates in coverage allowing the white plastic underneath to show. His dark green hair and blue paints are also sloppy.

The venom-blasting super heroine!

This is going to sound horribly inappropriate but there’s no good way to say this: Spider-Woman just isn’t sexy enough. I mean, one of her super powers is pheromone secretion and just because absolutely stunning but she feels more like Invisible Woman instead of Emma Frost. An unarticulated figure, she’s wearing her modern yellow and red costume with those weird wings. Her sculpt is decent but the proportions just don’t seem right to me, it’s like her hands and feet are too big. She also has weird lines on her face, like her mask was mispainted.

Jessica Drew has been an Avenger, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, a member of Hydra and even had a skrull impersonate her but this figure fails to capture the allure of her. Like Hulk, Spider-Woman’s paint is poorly done. The black trim on her yellow gloves is sloppy and the yellow and black chest decals overlap on each other.

Another odd thing is her brief one-lined bio talks about her venom blasts, but this figure doesn’t show that at all. In fact, there’s nothing about this figure that would make you think she can shoot energy out of her hands!

Hulk isn’t a bad figure and certainly looks better than his enraged version from wave 2, but some people may prefer the angry look instead of the smiling one. As for Spider-Woman, she just isn’t that exciting. Especially since she’s since has a better version released that fixes all of my issues with this figure. It’s not a bad two-pack, but it’s not the most exciting either.

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July 6th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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