Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Cable & Captain America

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Occasionally packs get made that were clearly made for collectors in mind. Other times, those packs are clearly made and then disassembled by marketers to make them buy two packs instead of one. This is one of those two packs.

Psychic cyber-mutant from the future!

Cable isn’t a character I particularly care about. The potential child of Scott Summers and Jean Grey that may or may not have been made by Mr. Sinister that is from the future and came back in time in hopes of preventing his future from ever happening. Or maybe that’s wrong but at this point I don’t really care because odds are clones are involved somewhere, and like Spider-Man, I hate clones.

During the events of Civil War, Cable believed the Super Human Registration Act was the event that made the future he grew up in a reality (or maybe it was Gambit‘s fault. Or Wolverine‘s. Or just about every other event that’s ever happened in the Marvel Universe). So he decided to go against the stance of non-involvement that the X-Men were going with and joined up with Captain America‘s side to fight registration.

Cable is wearing some amalgam of his costume that’s full of 90s motifs, like pouches and straps all over the place but if he didn’t have those things, he wouldn’t be Cable, right? Cable’s wearing some sort of armor that’s all done in the classic X-Men yellows and blues. He’s also holding a gun that is surprising small for him (as in it’s not as big as he is).

One of Cable’s most distinguishing features is his metal left arm from the techno-organic virus he was infected with as a kid. For this figure, it’s painted a glossy dark gray which seems weird and sculpted to look like it should belong to Colossus. It also seems really slim for character, but maybe he gets that from his dad.

Cable’s right eye is scarred while his left is the solid white since it’s also part of the infection. The reason Cable isn’t all metal is because while he’s technically telekinetic, he has to constantly use his powers to keep his infection at bay.

For the most part, the paint on Cable is fine, but two areas seem a little odd. His right arm has a yellow band than is only painted and barely visible. His left arm also has a sleeve for some reason even though it’s sculpted to be metal the whole way. Cable moves at the shoulders and waist.

Ultra-patriotic super soldier!

Paired up with good old Cable is the leader of the Avengers and the figurehead of the anti-registration movement: Captain America! This new sculpt for Cap is much needed since his first version seemed a little too crazy for the patriot (but it works great for U.S. Agent). With his shield strapped to his back, Steve Rogers looks like he’s giving a rousing speech to the Avengers.

With a left hand draw close in a fist and his right hand out like he’s about to give someone the high five of their life, he looks good. All of his costume elements are there from the chainmail shirt to the ruffled boots and silly wings on his head. Across his face is a hearty grin that seems a little odd, but maybe he just punched Hitler.

The paint is much more vibrant this time around and works well, especially in comparison to his Ultimate version that was more subdued. Even the “A” on his forehead is centered and well done. Captain America moves at the shoulders and waist.

For fans of Civil War, this is a fine pack that includes two of the anti-registrations leaders which works well. Captain America is a worthwhile update that fixes all the issues with the first release. As for Cable, he’s decent but just feels too small since I’m always used to seeing him drawn by Rob Liefeld, I mean he only has two pouches! Talk about toned down. This pack works fine, but the issue becomes crystal clear when you realize the other pack is Deadpool and Punisher in his Captain America costume.

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July 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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