Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Black Costume Spider-Man & Doc Ock

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Super Hero Squad Wave 6
Hulk & Spider-WomanDoc Ock & Black Costume Spider-Man
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Spider-Man and friends finally managed to escape their stranglehold of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad and finally broke through into the main Super Hero Squad (Okay, technically this happened in Collector’s Pack #1 first). No longer bound by the movie license, Spider-Man can finally return to his roots and the first debut is outstanding.

Symbiote-coated web-slinger!

Black Costume Spider-Man got a figure before but it was of his movie costume, which was little more than his regular movie costume just painted all black. Not the most inspiring look for a super hero. During Secret Wars, multiple heroes and villains were taken to Battleworld to fight for the Beyonder’s entertainment. The whole thing was made just to sell toys in the 80s.

But Spider-Man’s classic red and blue costume got destroyed in one of the first battles but he discovered a machine that could make him a new costume. Of course this new costume was actually an alien symbiote but that didn’t stop him from looking awesome and eventually creating Venom.

Spider-Man is fairly basically posed, a slight squat and both his arms outstretched ready to shoot webbing. Minor nitpick, but the Black Costume shot webbing from the back of the hand, not the wrist like the classic costume, so having this pose makes little sense. Spider-Man has very limited articulation and only moves at the shoulders and waist, so he’s essentially stuck in this single pose for eternity.

The paint is very well done – and it has to be given there are only too colors: white and black. The whole figure is painted flat black while his chest emblem, eyes and the web shooters on the back of his hands are all done white. It’s all very well done and looks great.

Six-armed menace to society!

Doc Ock already got a figure released in the Spider-Man line too, but this version drops the movie look of a trench coat in replace of his hideous green and yellow outfit. Otto Octavious is fantastically sculpted with his bowl haircut, his massive sunglasses and just enough flub on his body to show he’s a scientist, not some super strong villain. He’s painted well and moves at the shoulders allowing him to raise his fist in victory (or to rue) with his feet dangling down.

The tentacles are permanently attached to Doc Ock’s back and are perfect. Painted silver, two are on the ground supporting the crazy doctor. From the floor to the top of his tentacle is almost 4 inches making him very tall for the line. The two tentacles above his shoulders look great and the “fingers” on them rotate.

Actually getting a figure of Doc Ock that is capable of standing on his tentacles is so much fun. Sure, he looks frumpy and kind of dumb but that’s part of the charm of the character. He’s a scientist that got nearly blinded and had metal tentacles fused to his spine!

This two-pack is pretty much perfect. Sure, Spidey would be better with fists instead of web shooting hands, but that’s a major nitpick (or he’s just wearing the cloth version of the suit Black Cat made for him). As for Doc Ock, he blows the movie version out of the water and looks absolutely fantastic. The sheer size of him is imposing and everything about his done right.

Written by jestergoblin

July 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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