Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Deadpool & Punisher

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I was so tempted to write this whole review from the perspective of Deadpool, but for your sake, I decided against it. The last pack of wave 6 of the Super Hero Squad clearly is the other half of the Captain America & Cable pack, so be sure to read that one first.

Wise-cracking master of martial arts and disguise!

Wade Wilson was a member of the Weapon X program along with Wolverine and Sabretooth back in the day. Infected with terminal cancer, Wilson (which may not even be his real name) was exposed to a variety of treatments that ended up giving him some sort of super regeneration. But it also caused him to go insane and become horribly scarred because his cancer didn’t go away. And one of his super powers is actually knowing he’s in a comic book.

Deadpool’s design was by Rob Liefeld and can pretty much be summed up as “Spider-Man crossed with a ninja with guns, swords and pouches.” Deadpool is wearing some variant of his classic black and red costume with some odd geometric patterns on it. He’s well sculpted for a guy in a spandex suit with a belt and a weird leg strap. But almost all of the details on Deadpool are painted and that’s where all the issues come from.

This figure has some of the worst paint applications I’ve seen on a toy. The black designs are spotty, bleed everywhere and have horribly inconsistent coverage. It really looks like the figure was rubbed clean before the paint had fully dried. Deadpool’s black and red mask is usually cartoony but this one is just staring out blankly. Plus his white eyes are poorly painted too. On top of that, the shade of red used seems far too muted for the Merc with a mouth.

While the Marvel Legends version of Deadpool is one of the best toys ever created, this one loses a lot of the charm. He’s completely lacking any firearms and instead is holding two katanas and has two more of them strapped to his back.

But that’s not the only issue with Wade Wilson, he’s also horribly imbalanced. Deadpool is posed with one foot forward and that really makes him a challenge to stand up given his long swords in each hand. Deadpool moves at the waist, shoulders and neck.

The last guy any criminal wants to see!

Punisher gets his first actual variant in this set in an outfit that is most often referred to as his “Captain America Costume.” After the death of Captain America, there was an ongoing marketing ploy about who will wield the shield. In the end, Bucky Barnes got it but for a while it looked like Frank Castle may take over.

Punisher is wearing a more super hero suit than normal and it seems a little odd. After Civil War, Punisher began fighting more super villain-like characters instead of the traditional gangsters and mobsters so he needed a new look. While the costume takes elements from his old suit and blends them with Ultimate Captain America, it’s not a variant that really needs to exist.

The biggest issue is the fact that nothing about this figure seems like the Punisher! He’s grinning (and not in a psychopathic way), wearing a purple spandex gimp suit and holding two silver laser guns. This is the guy that usually wears a t-shirt, trench coat and an assault rifle. Sure, Frank Castle holds Captain America up in the highest regard but this is not a costume he would wear.

Punisher-Cap moves at the shoulders and waist and while his costume doesn’t make sense, it’s a solid sculpt and looks fairly accurate, until you actually compare it to the art. He’s sporting an odd suspender and belt combo along with some serious kneepads. His face is covered and he’s sporting goggles, which seems odd that Castle would care about his identity after 30 years of killing people without covering his face.

Like Deadpool, Punisher-Cap suffers from some weird paint issues. The red detailing wasn’t applied thick enough, so the black underneath shows through in almost every part. Even the star on his forehead shows the black underneath.

As a variant, sure this is a unique look for the Punisher (and I’m sure we’ll eventually get a Franken-Castle down the road), but this was a costume he wore for like two whole issues in Punisher War Journal while fighting Hate-Monger who was also dressed up like Captain America.

The paint issues really hurt this pack as a whole, especially on Deadpool who aside from the balance issues is a decent figure. Punisher-Cap though is a figure who really doesn’t need to exist, especially by not having him paired up with Captain America. Without that kind of context, this figure doesn’t seem to make sense. There’s a better version of Deadpool and a better version of Punisher, so unless you really love this Punisher, you can probably pass on this set.

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July 12th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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