Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Planet Hulk & Silver Savage

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The Super Hero Squad is no stranger to spin-off lines; in fact the whole line is a spin-off of the Star Wars Galactic Heroes. So Spider-Man got his own series of two-packs, and then Iron Man mixed it up with a bunch of four-packs before Hulk got a chance to shine with his own line! But instead of just drawing from the movie, the packs also took inspiration from the comics, primarily Planet Hulk!

On Earth, the Illuminati realized that the Hulk is a giant liability and came to the conclusion to launch him into space. Yes, some of the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe: Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Professor X, Namor, Black Bolt and Iron Man all decided that launching the green goliath into space was the best solution. Of course, nothing ever goes to plan and Hulk got angry while in the spaceship, smashed stuff and went off course before going through a black hole and landing on a planet that was just like Ancient Rome, except with aliens.

The greatest warrior the arena has ever seen!

Planet Hulk is what you get if you combined Hulk with Russell Crow from Gladiator: a big green guy who is an awesome fighter. Wearing an assortment of straps, a skirt and sandals that all scream Roman, he certainly looks unique. Hulk’s helmet is very Spartan, while his entire left side is well armored with a massive spiky shoulder pad, an armored arm and a shield bigger than Spider-Man. His right hand is clutching a battle axe that looks fantastic.

There are two odd things about the sculpt. First, he still suffers from the five-toed syndrome that seems to plague all of the Hulks. Second is his face, which is so happy. A little too happy for a guy made of rage, but the whole point of Planet Hulk was about him finding happiness in a savage world.

The paint on the figure is very well done. He’s cast in green plastic that is vibrant and looks good while his straps are dark brown. His silver arm looks great while his armor is polished copper. Gladiator Hulk even has some impressive articulation and moves at the waist, shoulders and wrists. His shield and shoulder pad limit his left arm though.

Unstoppable gladiator wielding the Power Cosmic!

When Hulk got to Sakaar, he wasn’t the only classic Marvel character to get captured and thrown into the gladiator ring. The former herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, was found weakened, slapped with an obedience slug and renamed the Silver Savage before fighting.

Compared to Gladiator Hulk, Silver Savage feels tiny but he’s about the right size. Silver Savage takes some classic Roman themes and his iconic gear to turn into an interesting figure. While he’s still the Silver Surfer, the figure is wearing a surprising amount of armor for a guy who has had no issues with being naked the last forty years. Silver Savage is wearing a loin cloth, shin pads, gauntlets and golden armor on his left arm.

In one of the best uses of taking a classic weapon and reusing it, Silver Savage takes his surfboard and uses it as a shield attached to his right hand. It’s so simple yet pure genius. In his right hand is a mace that reminds me a lot of Sandman’s fist.

One odd thing about Silver Savage’s sculpt though is the face. Instead of being calm and collected, he looks absolutely petrified. His neck is at an angle where he’s looking up and just doesn’t look as fearsome as he should. Silver Savage moves at the neck, waist and shoulders, but his giant surfboard turned shield limits the articulation.

The paint on Silver Savage is well done for the most part. The tone of silver used is more subdued and most of his armor is well painted. The big issue is the shin pads and gauntlets, which are supposed to be gray with golden details but the paint just looks super sloppy.

While both these figures are technically variants, they’re both very well done. Getting Roman gladiator versions of super heroes is a blast and reminds me a lot of Marvel 1602. Sure, both figures have odd faces but the comic accurateness combined with the simple fact that these two figures are so much fun makes them worth grabbing.

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July 11th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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