Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: King Hulk & Hulkbuster Iron Man

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I can pin point when I made the switch in comics from buying weekly issues to purchasing exclusively in trade paperbacks and hardcovers. The last straw for me was World War Hulk – the summer event the happened after Civil War in the Marvel Universe. Hulk had been blasted into space by the Illuminati and of course he returned and was very angry since his new adopted home world was destroyed. So he turned New York City into a gladiatorial arena and made the heroes fight, which was something they had spent the last year and a half doing already.

An extra-terrestial monarch out for revenge!

Since the Hulk Super Hero Squad mixed the movie world and the comic world right off the bat, this is the second set to be based off Hulk’s most recent adventures. This time around though he’s in a new set of clothes as King Hulk, but it is still reminiscent of his gladiator costume.

The first big difference in King Hulk has to be his face. This is a guy who saw his adopted home destroyed and instead of being enraged, he looks sad and disappointed like a kid who has been told his favorite flavor of ice cream is sold out. Throw in the silver tiara he’s wearing and you’ve got a Hulk that’s very un-Hulk-like.

The rest of King Hulk is very similar to his Gladiator outfit; his arm is covered in armor while he’s got a few straps for belt and boots that reminds me a lot of Hercules. His left hand is holding a giant knife (though it’d probably be a sword to anyone else in the Marvel universe). Hulk is also sporting the ultimate amount of articulation: six points! He moves at the neck, waist, shoulders and wrists putting him in the elite club that is just him and Storm Shadow.

The paint on King Hulk is well done with his brown being matte while his silver is shiny. The color green used for his skin is bright green and works well. But his eyes are so sunken and defeated; it doesn’t feel like the Hulk.

The most powerful living weapon on Earth!

While Batman takes the case of being the most paranoid super hero, Iron Man comes in a close second. Not only has he made a suit of armor just to fight the Hulk in, he went ahead and made a different second suit of armor for the same purpose! Hulkbuster Iron Man MK II is a brand new suit of armor for Tony Stark and instead of looking like the Juggernaut, it looks like a box.

Instead of being just a different suit of armor, the Hulkbuster 2.0 is actually a suit of armor Tony wears over his Iron Man armor. It’s redundant and must be a challenge to change in to. The Hulkbuster 2.0 suit is really just a giant, bulky suit of armor that certainly matches the comic designs. Of course when you try to figure out how Iron Man could fit into this suit comfortably, it all falls apart.

Cast in red plastic with some minor gray and yellow detailing, the armor looks good. The legs and arms are massive and look like they could go toe-to-toe with Hulk. But to account for all the power in the suit, Stark had to sacrifice mobility, which this figure does too. Hulkbuster Iron Man moves at the waist and the upper arm, which is cut so his arms move left to right, not up and down.

These two figures feel like they just jumped out of the pages of World War Hulk. Hulkbuster 2.0 is a fine suit of armor to add to your armory and looks visually distinctive from the last one.  As for King Hulk, from the neck down he’s great but the mopey face just ruins the figure for me. If he were angry, or even smiling with sadistic glee, he’d be a fun take on the Hulk but he isn’t and that’s just disappointing. On top of that, both of these figures were rereleased within a few months of this pack, so there is no reason to get this specific version unless you really care about this specific paint application.

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July 18th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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