Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Abomination & Hulk

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The Marvel Super Hero movies seemed to always follow the same predictable pattern: hero gets powers, learns to use powers responsibly and then fights a bad guy that is basically the exact same as the good guy, only bigger. Iron Man took down Iron Monger, Spider-Man fought Venom, and even Blade fought Dracula! So when the Hulk got his quasi-reboot, it fit in with the established framework that he’d have to fight the Abomination.

Powerful enough to get away with punching the Hulk!

For the Incredible Hulk movie, the Abomination got a serious makeover. Gone was his oddly lined skin and his webbed-face. Instead Emil Blonsky went from being a member of the KGB to a Russian soldier in the British Marines who was working with the US military to catch the Hulk. Yep, it was probably the most contrived way to explain why his last name was Russian sounding.

Abomination’s look is some twisted version of the Hulk that looks absolutely nothing like his classic look. He also suffers from the cutesy process of the Super Hero Squad that some figures just don’t translate well into. The figure’s sculpt is an odd mix of detail level. His skin is textured to look different, but it doesn’t look his movie appearance and many of the details are too soft.

From his shoulders, ankles and knees, his bone spikes are protruding so I guess he and Marrow have something to talk about if they end up on a blind date. Abomination only moves at the shoulders. And amazingly, he only has three toes!

Abomination’s feral look is gone and instead looks like a reject from Bambi. He’s got massive eyes that just look weird. The brownish-green color used on the figure is different enough from Hulk so it doesn’t look like two green guys just got paired together. He also has some airbrushed reddish-brown that adds some depth but is kind of jarring. The final paint is for his spinal spikes and bones which is a dirty white that looks good, but there is paint on his chest that tries to show off his skeletal chest that just doesn’t work.

Incredible force of destruction!

Of all the versions of the Hulk that have been released, this one is my favorite. Hulk is in a unique pose: he’s crouching with his left fist on the ground while his right is drawn back. The overall look is great. He’s bigger than the average figure, but his pose makes him fit in so well.

The sculpt is well done with him having great muscle definition without falling into the trap of Super Hero Squad flabbiness. His hair is messy, while his pants are ripped. Sure, he still has the fifth toe but it’s only noticeable when you look for it. Hulk moves at the waist, shoulders and neck.

Hulk has minimal paint applications since he’s mostly just cast in olive green plastic. The color is a good blend of greens that isn’t too radioactive lime or so dark it’s almost gray green. His pants are blue, which matches his movie incarnation while his eyes are green and his hair is black. It’s just a great version of Hulk that works for both movie and comic universes.

All of my issues with Abomination really stem from the fact that I don’t care for his movie design. His comic look is so classic and unique; getting a new one that is just a generic green monster is boring. As for the Hulk, this is probably the best version of the green hero. If you know a kid who loved the movie, this is a fine pack to get and if you’re just looking for the best version of the Hulk, this works well for that too.

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July 16th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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