Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Pack Review: Sentinel & Cyclops

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Of all the Super Hero Squad mega figures, one of them made the most sense from the start: the Sentinel! The massive robots that seemed to crash as often as a Windows operating system, the sentinels have always been a plague to the X-Men. But in the last few years the Sentinels have gone from mindless killing machines to giant protectors.

These giant robots search the globe for mutants to capture!

This version of the Sentinel is a creative repaint of the first version that was released. From the neck down, the giant robot is the exact same sculpt and it still looks good. Towering at almost seven inches tall, this robot is massive. The Sentinel has a new head and neckpiece this time around to differentiate him from his past release.

The Sentinel now has shoulder pads, a bulky collar and a new triangular chest piece, which is probably a result of Tony Stark’s influence on the designs. The whole this is just a plastic covering, but works well for making the robot looks different. The figure’s also got a brand new head that is very similar to the last release but with some extra details. The Sentinel moves at the shoulders, waist, neck and wrists but his shoulders are limited.

The biggest difference to the figure is its new paint job. Decked out in metallic blue, silver and purple, this Sentinel is one of the O*N*E Sentinel Squad created for the Office of National Emergency after the events of M Day. With a dwindling mutant population, the government made these pilot-driven robots for two purposes: protecting the mutants from any attacks and preventing the mutants from attacking. James Rhodes was the one who trained these pilots too.

One odd part about this figure is the battle damaged paint applications. Along the right wrist and right breast, the sentinel shows clear signs of being in a skirmish. There are claw marks and a burn mark, so it looks like Cyclops and Wolverine don’t appreciate their new bodyguards.

Awesome optic-blasting X-Man!

The regular figure in the pack is none other than the leader of the X-Men: Scott Summers! A founding member of the X-Men, Cyclops has spent almost his entire life as field leader for the team. Best known for his optical visor that gives him his name, Cyclops is no stranger to getting figures in the Super Hero Squad.

Wearing an outfit based off his Astonishing X-Men costume, it’s great to get something other than his Jim Lee look. Wearing a black bodysuit with yellow details and his skullcap, it’s clear this suit harkens back to his classic X-Men and X-Factor costumes. Cyclops has a slight smirk on his face, like he just blasted Wolverine “accidentally” or Emma said something truly inappropriate.

Cyclops moves at the shoulders and waist, but his arms only work in a few poses for two reasons. First, he suffers from the fact that his arm looks broken in a few poses and his outfit his fine yellow lines that look odd broken up. His waist is cut at an angle that works really well allowing for him to aim either up or straight ahead. The paint on Cyclops is well done, though a lighter shade of blue would have been more accurate.

One big issue about Cyclops though is his size. He’s leaning forward and hunched, so at first glance he seems the right size. But this is a guy who is nicknamed “Slim” for being so skinny. If he were standing up straight, he’d be Hulk sized!

Getting both a modern Sentinel and a modern version of Cyclops in the same pack is great. The Sentinel is a fine repaint with just enough touches to make him look really unique but still look enough like the classic giant robot. Cyclops is a fantastic take on his Astonishing look and I prefer Summers with a skullcap. If you can find it, this pack is worth tracking down.

Super Hero Squad Mega Wave 3
Sentinel & Cyclops
Fin Fang Foom & Iron Man

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July 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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