Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Avengers Assemble!

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Thanks mostly to Brian Michael Bendis; the Avengers became popular once again. It was only a few years ago when Iron Man was a relatively unknown character outside of comic reading circles, and now he’s one of the big four – up there with Spider-Man, Batman and Superman. But when a team’s roster has included pretty much any and everyone in the Marvel Universe, it lets Hasbro pick and choose whomever they want for the Super Hero Squad!

The most powerful group of super heroes ever known has come together to face whatever threatens the Earth! Omnipotent time-travelers, alien empires, and monsters from the deepest caves on the planet don’t stand a chance against the might of the Avengers!

The shield-slinging sentinel of liberty!

This may be the quickest repaint, rerelease in the history of toys! Captain America is a repaint of his wave 6 figure, but like Optimus Prime and Megatron, he gets a new coat of paint! While his red remains the same, Cap is now sporting some metallic blue and white. It’s not that noticeable but does help making him different. The paint is decent overall, but a few areas have some bleeding.

Captain America is posed with his shield slung on his back and his right hand out like he’s either trying to hold someone back or is getting ready for a patriotic high five. He moves at the shoulders and waist.

Techno-enhanced web-slinger!

The Iron Spider costume was created for Spider-Man in an attempt to make him more technology based. Since he was an active member of the New Avengers at the time, Tony Stark started financing Spidey and gave him a new suit, which of course took the Iron Man color scheme.

The sculpt is very unique and has Spider-Man balancing on his three waldoes, while his feet are off the ground like Doc Ock. Throw on a head that is very reminiscent of his black costume, and you’ve got a decently designed suit. Sure, the waldoes are way too thick but that’s an engineering sacrifice that seemed necessary.

Iron Spider has two big issues though: paint and articulation. The metallic red used is way too pale, bland and borderline pink. The red should be vibrant, but instead it’s just weird looking. The other flaw is the fact that Iron Spider only moves at the neck! No arms, no waldoes, nothing – just the ability to turn his head.

The ultimate android hero!

A classic member of the Avengers who hasn’t been seen in his classic form in several years, the Vision was created by Ultron, who in turn was made by Hank Pym. Deemed a “synthezoid” by his creator, the Vision was originally an enemy of the Avengers and was given the brain pattern of Wonder Man (making him the weird incestuous robot of the Avengers). Then he fell in love with Scarlet Witch (who probably would have loved Wonder Man if he hadn’t died), who was loved in a creepy way by her brother, Quicksilver, and both of them are the twins of Magneto!

Long story short, Scarlet Witch went insane, She-Hulk ripped Vision in half and killed him and he’s since come back by taking over the body of Iron Lad who is really a teenage Kang the Conqueror and this is why people hate continuity.

He’s a robot; he wears a cape and his hideously colored because he was created in the 70s. Vision is sporting a “classic” super hero costume motif that is rarely seen in Marvel. He’s got the gloves, the cape, the boots and matching underoos worn on the outside. He’s decked out in yellow and green and has a bright red face but has dark black eyes instead of his iconic yellow ones. Maybe this is evil Vision?

Vision has an impressive array of super powers like flight, density manipulation, super strength, phasing and even the ability to love. But none of those powers really are easy to show in toy form. So he just kind of stands there and he really does just stand because for some reason Vision only moves at the waist. The figure also seems oddly bulky for the android.

Alien-altered, energy blasting secret agent!

While Vision may have a horribly complicated back story, Carol Danvers is a whole different mess all to herself. Sometimes she goes by Agent Danvers, Captain Marvel or Warbird, or Ms. Marvel or even Binary. It usually doesn’t matter; she’s always the same blonde bombshell with a whole mess of super powers and a fantastic look.

Before Bendis got his hands on her, Ms. Marvel was best known as being the super heroine that Rogue got her powers from. Now, she’s an active member of the Avengers and part alien! Ms. Marvel most likely shops at the same store as Emma Frost, because her outfit is very revealing and while covering her up (it doesn’t make sense). She’s basically wearing a bathing suit, elbow length gloves and thigh high boots with a red sash and a domino mask.

Ms. Marvel’s sporting long flowing blonde hair that looks great and she even has a single point of articulation: her left arm. The paint is a mixed bag though because the figure is cast in black plastic so her lightning bolt and skin look darker than they should.

The biggest issue with Ms. Marvel is one of balance. Her right foot is barely on the ground making it so she has to balance on her sash and left foot. This is a great idea, but the execution doesn’t work and she topples over with ease.

All four of these guys have been Avengers at one point or another, but I think only Captain America has served with all of them. Three brand new figures and one repaint is a decent deal though. The Iron Spider costume is a unique looking figure and Ms. Marvel and Vision are both essential members of the Avengers both present and past.

Super Hero Squad 4-packs Wave 2
Avengers Assemble!
Captain America, Ms. Marvel, the Vision, Iron Spider-Man
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Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler & Juggernaut

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