Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: X-Men Unite Juggernaut Attacks

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The Super Hero Squad four-packs stuck with the same pattern the second time around, one pack of repaints and one pack of new figures. This time around though, instead of just releasing boring repaints, Hasbro actually fixed some of the issues and released an instant battle!

The Uncanny X-Men have battled some tough customers before, but no one is as tough as the Juggernaut! As long as he keeps moving, no force on Earth can stop him, or even hurt him. He’s a living tank, a walking force of destruction, and it’s going to take every bit of teamwork and skill the X-Men have to bring him down!

The card-slinging Cajun!

Gambit’s first figure came out in wave 5 but had a few flaws. Between the awkward pose and absurdly tan skin, he just didn’t look like the raging Cajun. A straight repaint, at least the paint issues have been fixed.

The pose is still an oddity that fails at trying to convey movement. He rests on his trench coat and one leg making him extremely odd to balance. Gambit’s face still looks pudgy too. He moves at the shoulders.

There are three big changes to his coloring this time around. First off, his skin tone has been fixed and he’s far less tan. The other change is making his staff and playing card translucent purple to show him using his powers. In the comics he rarely charges his staff, but in the video games it’s a common occurrence. Gambit’s eyes are still wrong though, they’re white and red instead of white and black.

Short, dark, and extremely dangerous!

Wolverine is no stranger to variants in the Super Hero Squad. But instead of being in either his brown or yellow costume, Wolverine is back in his civilian clothes. Not a character known for his fashion sense, it’s fitting that almost all of Logan’s outfits are jeans and a tank top.

A repaint of the wave 5 Logan, this figure seems very lacking without his motorcycle. Changing the color of his shoes, pants and tank top isn’t enough to make him a must have. His squat pose and gripping unclawed hand just feel out of place, especially in the middle of a battle. He’s also still got that raised eyebrow that feels really out of character. Wolverine moves at the shoulders.

Teleporting, acrobatic mutant!

Nightcrawler first came out in wave 4 with the Juggernaut. From the shoulders up, he’s pretty much the same figure. He’s in his classic red, white and black costume but the whole figure is cast in translucent purple plastic to show off his teleporting powers as he BAMFs in and out. He’s mid transformation which certainly looks interesting but doesn’t compare to his full outfit figure.

Kurt still has the odd pose that requires him to be balanced on his hands and feet. The part of his that is painted is well done and looks great but like Johnny Storm and Iceman, these half clear figures just feel kind of off. Nightcrawler still moves at the waist and shoulders.

Magically powered living battering ram!

The step-brother of Charles Xavier, Cain Marko has been an enemy, an ally and everything in between to the X-Men. An unstoppable force that’s powered by a mystical crystal, Juggernaut is unique because he isn’t a mutant like most of the X-Men’s foes.

A repaint of his figure that came with Nightcrawler, Juggernaut gets a darker coat of paint and some battle damage on his suit. His chest and helmet are clawed by Wolverine while his knee and chest have burn marks – probably from Gambit playing 52-pick-up.

His pose is still the odd forward motion one that works well for getting the figure to fit in the package but looks kind of weird, especially with his happy-go-lucky smile. He moves at the shoulders, but his balance can easily be thrown off if his arms are moved too far from his waist.

A pack of four repaints isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it allows for fun, unique variants like Nightcrawler or fixing issues with past releases like Gambit. Sure, Wolverine is a worthless repaint and the Juggernaut would be better without the battle damage but the biggest issue I have with this fight is how one-sided it is. Juggernaut can only be stopped by mental attacks and no one of these three can fight that way!

It’s the same as the last pack against Magneto, if this pack had included Jean Grey or Professor X instead of Wolverine, it’d be a great set since Gambit could distract while Nightcrawler steals his psychic-proof helmet! But instead, we get a fight that is going to end in Juggernaut’s favor no matter what the heroes do.

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August 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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