Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Review: Battle Truck & Spider-Man

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Hearing me yell about Spider-Man and the absurd vehicles he keeps getting isn’t anything new. After all, he’s already gotten his own boat, and two different convertibles. But now Spider-Man has gotten his least environmentally friendly vehicle: the Battle Truck!

A lot of collectors dislike repacks and pointless repaints, like getting Spider-Man in his movie costume and then getting it in his comic costume. But what bothers me, are when characters like Spider-Man get new sculpts for no reason. I mean, look at this version of Spider-Man. He looks a lot like the figure that came with Black Cat.

Except he’s completely a new sculpt. Not just a new sculpt, but a sculpt that is inferior to the other version in every way. This version of Spidey moves at the shoulders and waist, but not the head. He’s not a bad version of Spider-Man, but it seems pointless to make a whole new version of the hero when there are plenty of other figures that deserve a new sculpt more.

I don’t know how Spider-Man could possibly afford a garage or even insurance for all of his vehicles, but the Battle Truck is new, unique and completely absurd but not in the same fun way as the Spider Splasher boat.

A giant 4×4 truck, the Battle Truck is a convertible truck with tires almost as tall as Spider-Man. The whole vehicle is covered in little Spider-Man flavored touches, like the web rims, the red and blue paint scheme and the spider emblem on the hood. It’s all well painted and looks good but still doesn’t make any sense. Much like his first car, the windshield is cast in translucent plastic but Spidey can look over it with ease.

Like his other car, the Battle Truck has an action feature. Instead of shooting missiles or ejecting characters out of the trunk, it turns the front bumper into a battering ram! By pressing down the spider button on the hood, the bumper extends about an inch. It’s minor, unobtrusive and seems like a decent action feature since the spring actually has some force behind it. In an age where most rocket launchers barely fire a foot, it’s nice to get a toy that can actually knock over a figure.

Like the Spider Racer, these two sets have recently started showing up at Marshall’s for major discounts. Instead of the $12 price tag, it’s reduced to only $7 which makes it a tad easier to swallow. Spider-Man is a fine figure, but the fact that he’s a new sculpt seems like a waist. As for the Battle Truck, it’s a fine toy. If you can get past the absurdity of it, it’s well designed. Had it been painted black and silver and came with the Punisher, I’d like it a lot more but as a generic toy truck in this scale, it’s perfectly fine.

Written by jestergoblin

July 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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