G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Combat Heroes Review: Ripcord & Destro

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Confession time: I actually kind of liked G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra. Sure, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as G.I. Joe Resolute, but that was the embodiment of perfection for the franchise. Maybe I was just so disappointed by Transformers 2 that anything I watched seemed good.

Rip Cord is a High Altitude Low Opening Jumper than joined up with G.I. Joe and is a totally different character than Ripcord. That kind of explains why the Caucasian veteran background character was turned black, became a new recruit and one of the main characters. He also happens to be played by Marlon Wayans.

Ripcord is wearing a standard issue reactive impact suit that is nearly identical to the one Heavy Duty wears. It’s black with multiple silver pads and plates. It looks good and is well enough designed. But the weird thing is Ripcord is completely weaponless! And I mean completely – this is a line where most characters are holding a gun, have a sidearm and a knife hidden on their body! Then again, I don’t know if I’d trust Ripcord with a weapon either.

Ripcord moves at the shoulders and neck. The face is interesting and doesn’t look anything like Marlon Wayans. It’s kind of generic looking, but that works well since most of these figures look nothing like the actors that portray them. He’s sporting a sweet soul patch though. The rest of the paint isn’t too exciting, a whole bunch of gray and black.

The main bad guy in the Rise of Cobra wasn’t actually Cobra Commander; instead it was the renowned weapons dealer, Destro! Played by Christopher Eccleston (best known for his role as the 9th Doctor Who), Destro was the main force behind the building of Cobra through his M.A.R.S. technology. But until the very end of the movie, he’s just James McCullen.

Getting a toy of just a guy in a suit wouldn’t be the most exciting toy, so Hasbro took some creative liberties and made a fairly inaccurate Destro. He’s back in his classic metal mask, and it definitely makes for a better toy.

Destro’s outfit isn’t based on anything in the movie; he’s just wearing a button down shirt, black slacks and dress shoes. It’s not the most exciting look and I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before. His hands and face are metal. Destro’s face is a bit odd and reminds me of a monkey but I don’t know why.

Unlike Ripcord, Destro comes with a weapon. He’s holding a giant bazooka with a translucent green missile head in his right hand. It’s based kind of off the plot where McCullen wants to attack Paris because of what the French did to his family, but Destro wasn’t the one who did the attack.

The paint isn’t terribly impressive but works. He’s wearing a dark blue shirt, black pants and thankfully his bazooka and metal hands are different shades. Destro moves at the shoulders, waist and neck. One odd thing that’s plagued all of the Destro toys though is scale. This time, Destro feels really big. He’s hunched over and his legs are bent. If he were standing upright, he’d tower over any Hasbro hero toy!

Ripcord is kind of on the boring side as a toy. The lack of a weapon makes him just a guy in a suit. Maybe if he was a ninja that would work, but he isn’t so it’s just odd. As for Destro, he’s horribly inaccurate but he’s a giant metal man holding a bazooka and that makes for a great toy.

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July 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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