Transformers Universe Robot Heroes Review: Galvatron & Sunstreaker

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The first two waves of Robot Heroes focused almost exclusively on characters in the Transformers animated movie, but there was one massive omission from the line: Galvatron!

The reborn version of Megatron (who was voiced by Leonard Nimoy in the movie) was originally just a way to get kids to want a new toy. After all, a silver robot with a giant gun is totally different from a purple robot with a giant gun. Originally a pawn of Unicron with the sole purpose of recovering the Matrix of Leadership from Hot Rod, Galvatron took a few side missions that included killing Starscream.

Galvatron looks great and fits in well with the rest of his Decepticon followers. His armor is well sculpted and full of little details. He’s got his odd three-pronged crown and a great smirk on his face. His right arm has his bright orange particle accelerator cannon attached to it.

While the new Decepticon Leader looks good but his articulation is odd. Galvatron moves at the shoulders and neck, but both of his arms are at odd angles. His right arm with the cannon is out stretched to the side so it can really only aim in a single direction and his left arm is drawn up like he’s ready to punch someone.

The paint looks great with vibrant purples, silvers and blacks that really make the figure pop. One odd thing about his figure is there isn’t any easy way to see what he’d transform into. He usually becomes either a cannon or some sort of tank, but nothing is clear.

The Autobot in this pack is one of the original twins (no, not the racist ones): Sunstreaker! Egotistical and self-absorbed, Sunstreaker didn’t want to take part in the Autobot-Decepticon War but ended up on the side of the Autobots along with his brother, Sideswipe.

Sunstreaker is an odd pairing for Galvatron since he barely showed up in the movie. Sunstreaker is exceptionally bright colored with the majority of his body being yellow with black and orange details. It’s garish, but fits the character well. All of Sunstreaker’s iconic details are present from his absurd head with giant ears and the awkward shoulder blasters. He even has a similar smirk as Galvatron. Aside from the wheels for ankles, there’s little of Sunstreaker showing he transforms into a Lamborghini.

The Autobot only moves at the shoulders and neck and would have really benefitted from a waist joint since his legs are in an odd pose. For the most part, his paint is well done but one area on his chest has some noticeable bleeding.

Getting Sunstreaker without Sideswipe just feels weird, almost as weird as including him with Galvatron of all Transformers. So while the pairing doesn’t make any sense, both these figures are decent representations of their respective robots. They’re not great but not all figures have to be exceptional.

Written by jestergoblin

July 21st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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