Transformers Universe Robot Heroes Review: Hound & Blitzwing

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I find the concept of the triple-changers in Transformers equal parts absurd and awesome. Astrotrain is so delightfully achronistic that he transforms into a giant robot, a steam powered locomotive engine and a space shuttle! And then you’ve got guys like Megatron that just turn into a handgun that needs to be held by another Transformer just to be fired. Why isn’t Astrotrain the leader of the Decepticons again?

But Astrotrain wasn’t the only triple-changer, there was also Blitzwing! While a lot of the charm of the triple-changers is lost in the Robot Heroes line, there are still enough little things to show off the crazy, war lusting Decepticon.

Blitzwing could take the form of a tank and a jet and usually was shown being buddies with Astrotrain even though I bet Astrotrain secretly hated Blitzwing because he was cooler. In robot mode, Blitzwing looks like most other Transformers, blocky with close enough proportions and just the slightest hint of what they turn into.

In Blitzwing’s case, his back has a pair of wings and the top of a tank with engines attached to it. It’s equally absurd and awesome! The rest of the figure isn’t as exciting, but he is accurate. He’s got a helmet that’s very similar to Megatron’s and his tan, purple and silver color scheme is odd but works. Blitzwing moves at the shoulders and neck and for some reason he’s brandishing a pink sword.

While many of the Autobots hate being on Earth and want to go back to their old lives on Cybertron, Hound is the exact opposite. The primary scout for the team, Hound loves being out in nature and getting away from all the metal. Originally he transformed into a WWII-era buggy, but now he’s often just portrayed as a Jeep. This version looks to be based off his original buggy look.

Colored army mostly Army green, Hound escaped the genocide that was Transformers the Animated Movie (though part of me thinks Kup was created to replace him). Of all the Transformer Robot Heroes, Hound looks the most excited. He’s sporting a giant grin and can raise a hand up in celebration!

The sculpt on Hound is well done and rather intricate. His chest piece shows off the pulley system attached to his grill, while his tires are all sculpted with treads even. One thing that seemed odd to me about Hound was how well armed he was for a scout. He’s holding a giant blaster in his right hand and also has a shoulder mounted rocket launcher!

Hound’s well articulated and moves at the shoulders, neck and waist but his left arm is oddly designed and looks really skinny at the shoulder at some angles. He’s well painted and I love the star on his chest.

While the real charm of Blitzwing comes from the fact that he should be three toys in one, he’s a welcome addition to the Decepticon side. Sure, I’d prefer a few more of Soundwave’s buddies besides Ravage, like Laserbeak or Rumble but he looks good and looks different. As for Hound, I’m kind of surprised they made him instead of Kup since this line seemed to be based around the original movie but Hound looks great and is a mighty fine Autobot!

Written by jestergoblin

July 31st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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