Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Daredevil & Spider-Man

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With the end of the Spider-Man Super Hero Squad, the webhead snuck his way into the classic line which means two things: getting more of his rogues and allies and getting stuck with repaints, repacks and resculpts of Spider-Man. This pack shows the best and the worst of what it means.

Fearless, acrobatic crimefighter!

Daredevil first showed up in wave 2 and while his figure was alright, it wasn’t terribly exciting and definitely benefitted from getting a second try. This new Daredevil sculpt does a great job at showing off the defender of Hell’s Kitchen. No longer flabby and boring, Daredevil got some actual muscle definition and looks better for it. His gloves, boots and holster are all sculpted in.

Being a blind lawyer, Matt Murdock has little need for his eyes but they’re there along with his tiny horns. The one odd thing about the face is Daredevil is smiling. He’s a character so wracked up with Catholic guilt that he never smiles! Daredevil moves at the shoulders and waist.

The paint on Daredevil at first glance looks boring but works so much better than his other versions. He’s covered in two very similar shades of red that look fantastic. He’s also able to avoid the issue of looking like he’s just made of red plastic. The double-d decal on his chest looks great too.

Your friendly neighborhood webhead!

Spider-Man is a repaint of his figure that came with the weird version of Scorpion. This time around, he’s done in his comic costume so the reds and blues are more vibrant and he’s got black webbing instead of silver. The paint on the figure is okay, but the sculpt and pose are a mess.

Spider-Man is designed to look like he’s about to fight with one hand drawn back and one down to steady himself but it sacrifices stability and gives him a nasty lean – especially since his left foot is only touching the ground with his toes. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders only.

While Spider-Man is a poor figure, I do like the symmetry that these two figures have when displayed together. They are standing on opposite feet and it looks like they’re about to tackle some thugs like the Enforcers. Daredevil makes this pack worth getting though because he’s a great update and a nearly flawless figure.

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July 23rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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