Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Wolverine & Hulk

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When you think of the most famous character to come out of the pages of The Incredible Hulk, most people would assume the answer would be, “the Hulk.” But while the big green guy is mighty popular, it’s nothing compared to a short little mutant known as Wolverine.

Canada’s most dangerous export!

Wolverine debuted in The Incredible Hulk #180 but didn’t get to fight the big green guy until the following issue. It wasn’t until almost half a year later that he showed up in the pages of Giant Sized X-Men #1 with a new group of mutant misfits. So while it seems like a cheap copout to include Wolverine in another Super Hero Squad pack, it at least makes sense.

When Wolverine first came out, many of his attributes now associated with the crazy Canadian were left out. He was just a Canadian guy who wore gloves that had metal claws on them. He also had a mask with hilarious whiskers on it that were accidentally left off when Dave Cockrum incorrectly drew Wolverine’s mask.

But enough about history and on to the toy! Instead of giving us a great first appearance Wolverine figure, Hasbro took the easy way out and repainted the Wolverine from wave 1. The claws like rods, dead eyes and the chubby face are still but there’s also a new coat of paint. He’s still got his basic articulation at the shoulders and neck too.

And it’s a terrible coat of paint. The navy blue is kind of metallic and doesn’t look quite right. The yellow is poorly done with slop and some areas are completely lacking coverage. Even the X-emblem on his belt is atrociously done.

Smart, strong and ready for a fight!

When Wolverine fought the Hulk, he was the green version of the giant brute. This version of Hulk is a repaint of the one that came with a beam. Only instead of being green, he’s light gray.

To go along with his new skin color, Hulk is sporting an impressive set of bushy eye brows that look hilariously out of character. But the skin color is a big issue because it’s such a light color that doesn’t look right. On top of that, his arms are glossy while his torso is matte so he reflects light weird.

Thankfully though, the paint coverage on Hulk is much better than Wolverine so his hair, beam and ripped blue pants all look fine. Hulk moves at the waist and shoulders.

This is probably the most disappointing two-pack to be released in all of the Super Hero Squad lines. Wolverine is a horrible sculpt with awful paint, while Hulk just doesn’t look right in this color. Pairing up Hulk and Wolverine could have been a great one too, if only Hasbro had been willing to make figures that actually looked like their comic book counterparts.

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July 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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