Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: the Genius of Tony Stark

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If you leave Tony Stark alone for more than five minutes, he’s either going to start a super hero Civil War, get absolutely trashed or invent a dozen new suits. Or he’ll just repaint some of his old suits and tell you they’re new.

No matter where Tony Stark goes, he never stops inventing. He is a restless thinker, and a constant engineer. Over the years, he has built dozens of battle suits, both for himself and his friends and allies. Every single one is the best of its kind, a top-of-the-line suit of armor designed to seek and destroy evil wherever it hides.

While the back of the packaging calls this suit “1st Appearance,” this one is clearly the Second Appearance Iron Man, also known as the Mark II suit that debuted in Tales of Suspense #40. Gone is the garish silver and replaced with the hilariously tacky, over-the-top all gold suit (supposedly because the gold was less frightening to the public. Yes, Tony Stark is so wealthy he made a suit out of gold which is a notoriously malleable metal. Of course, in the movie they explained that the gold helped prevent his suit from freezing.

Second Appearance Iron Man is just a straight up repaint of his first suit of armor but it’s not perfectly accurate since for some inexplicable reason, the Golden Avenger wore a skirt. He still moves at the waist and shoulders. But as a straight repaint, the figure looks good and is a mostly accurate depiction that’s a welcome addition to the Iron Man Armory.

Since making suits of armor just for himself gets boring after awhile (or Tony’s so obsessive-compulsive that he wants to control the other heroes), he also made Spider-Man a shiny new suit before Civil War took off. While the first version of the Iron Spider-Man suit had some paint issues, the over all sculpt worked fine.

This version has the skintight suit and the three waldoes coming off the back. But the biggest difference is the paint. Gone is the golden rod and awkward metallic cranberry paint, instead this figure is bright yellow and crimson and looks so much better. After Spider-Man switched sides and went between his black costume and classic outfit, the Iron Spider outfit was reassigned to three members of the Initiative known as the Scarlet Spiders that were clones of the deceased MVP, the great-grandson of Dr. Abraham Erskine – the inventor of the super soldier serum that transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America!

Jumping over to the Ultimate Universe, this pack includes a repaint of Ultimate Iron Man done in gray and blacks as Ultimate War Machine! In the Ultimates world, both Tony Stark and James Rhodes are child prodigies that created suits of armor and convinced the public that they were actually robots. This results in more than a few mishaps. But the whole story was written by Orson Scott Card of Ender’s Game fame.

A straight repaint, Ultimate War Machine misses out on a few of his unique design elements like his eyes and his paint is lacking the platinum coloring it should have. It’s a perfectly fine repaint that evokes the idea of War Machine but isn’t the most accurate. Ultimate War Machine moves at the shoulders, waist and neck. I still would have preferred an armored version of Ultimate Black Widow.

The final repaint in this set is the least exciting of all. While the other three armors are historically relevant or new characters all together, the Hulkbuster Iron Man is the most minor of repaints. It’s identical to the other version, except the gray on the suit has been painted a slightly darker shade. That is the only difference. It’s unnecessary and many other suits of armor would have benefitted from repaints more than this. Like where is our Stealth suit Iron Man?

Unlike the last Iron Man armory pack, this one at least includes three different characters: Iron Man, War Machine and Spider-Man. Throw in the fact that this could also be a Scarlet Spider and you’ve got a pretty decent little team going. Sure, Hulkbuster Iron Man is a pointless repaint, but one dud out of four isn’t so bad.

Iron Man Super Hero Squad

Wave 1 – 4 Packs
Hall of Armor
First Appearance Iron Man, Silver Centurion Iron Man, Tony Stark & Hulkbuster Iron Man
Iron Man Face Off
Iron Man, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man

Wave 2 – 4 Packs
Crimson Dynamo Attacks
Crimson Dynamo, Desert Armor Iron Man, Assault War Machine, Classic Iron Man
Genius of Tony Stark
Ultimate War Machine, Iron Spider, Hulkbuster Iron Man & Second Appearance Iron Man

Wave 3 – 4 Packs
Iron Monger Attacks!
Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark III, War Machine & Iron Monger
Danger of the Dreadknight
Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Dreadknight & Zhang Tong, the Mandarin

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