Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Ghostrider & Flame Cycle

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The seventh wave of the Super Hero Squad seemed to have one goal in mind: fix the flawed figures from the first two waves. Daredevil leveled up to a much better form and Wolverine got a worthy update of his classic costume. But one figure was really disappointing in wave 2: Ghost Rider.

Supernatural stuntman with superhuman strength!

The first version of Ghost Rider felt really cute, overly smooth and rather pointless since he didn’t come with a motorcycle. This figure improves on almost everything.

Ghost Rider is wearing his all-leather outfit with wrist spikes and serious biker boots. He’s got a slight hunch but looks great with plenty of details that don’t get lost in his all-black outfit. Pockets, buttons, everything is sculpted in and painted silver when appropriate. Across his chest is a piece of silver chain.

In Ghost Rider’s right hand he’s clutching a flaming flail while his left is down to clutch his handlebars. Ghost Rider moves at the shoulders, his head is a separate piece but can’t really move so don’t force it. Ghost Rider’s new skull isn’t cute at all; he’s a vicious looking flaming skull that is so well sculpted.

The paint on the figure is well done. He’s mostly black with silver details and a white skull. But like his first repaint, Ghost Rider’s head and flail are cast in translucent orange plastic like Johnny Storm that creates an excellent fire effect. There is an issue with glue though on his right wrist. His hand has clearly been glued on but the glue is everywhere and even visibly covers two of his spikes, so look out for it when buying.

Indestructible motorcycle from another dimension!

Motorcycles aren’t rare in the Super Hero Squad, Wolverine’s gotten a few and even Bucky as Captain America came with one but if there was one figure that deserved a motorcycle it’s Ghost Rider!

At first glance, the Flame Cycle looks like a slight retool of Logan’s X-Cycle but it is actually a brand new sculpt! The bike looks good with the appropriate engine detailing and exhaust pipes. It’s mostly black and silver but there are two big changes to the design.

First, this one actually has a kickstand! This allows it to display great without tipping over. Second, like Ghost Rider himself, his Flame Cycle gets two translucent flames on it. The wheel covers are done to look like flames which look really good. The overall look of the bike is well done. On top of that, the wheels spin freely so it works great as a motorcycle toy too!

The best part about this set though is how well Ghost Rider fits on his bike and how good the two of them look together. He grips the handlebars perfectly and looks like a hell demon riding a motorcycle! This set may be just about as perfect a two-pack you can possible get in the Super Hero Squad.

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August 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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