Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: Hulk & Absorbing Man

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The Incredible Hulk didn’t give Hasbro many options for the toy line, so once they made the Abomination and Hulkbuster Soldiers, they immediately went to the comics for inspiration. But instead of drawing from the more recent Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, this pack goes way back and includes one of Thor’s original enemies.

The gamma green wrecking machine!

There have been some hits and misses in the Super Hero Squad line, but this one may take the cake when it comes to complete and utter failure, both as a collectible and as a toy. Hulk’s already gotten a fantastic crouching figure, so getting another one seems like a waist of a new sculpt but this sculpt just doesn’t work.

From the waist down, Hulk looks great and even has the appropriate number of toes and his iconic purple pants. But above the waist is a mess. He’s hunched over with his hands dragging on the ground like a gorilla (or that he’s supposed to be clutching something very heavy and invisible). His undersized, far too happy head, is hidden between his shoulders and looks very un-Hulk-like.

And that’s the thing, he’s stuck like this because the figure doesn’t have any articulation that’s useful besides his neck, and even that is pretty worthless. He’s just a giant chunk of green plastic that doesn’t do anything!

Takes on the powers of anything he touches!

Originally a member of Thor’s rogue gallery, Crusher Creel was a petty crook before Loki decided he was bored and would endow a human with super powers. But he’s done that before so I guess it’s just a hobby.

Creel drank some magic potion and got the ability to turn his body into whatever he was touching, usually metal like his giant medicine ball that he lugs around. Over the years, he went from fighting Thor to fighting the Avengers to now being tossed in with the Hulk.

Originally a prisoner, Absorbing Man, like Sandman and Hydro-Man, rarely changes his clothes since those don’t transform with him when he changes. So he’s wearing his delightful purple striped pants and plain black boots. One off part of his sculpt is his head, Absorbing Man always had kind of a cone head but this takes it too a whole new level. His right hand is clutching his ball and chain. He moves at the waist and left wrist.

The paint on Absorbing Man is good but kind of dull. His skin tone is fine and his pants are well painted. But the paint used for his left arm, ball and chain is dull and looks more like concrete than metal.

Absorbing Man isn’t a bad figure, he’s just really average. As for Hulk, this figure is just so flawed I don’t know how it possibly got to the design stage. This is a Hulk that can’t smash and a Hulk that can’t smash isn’t much of a Hulk at all.

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August 13th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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