Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Venom & Spider-Man

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Free of the binds of his movie line, Spider-Man and friends (and foes!) have begun wrecking havoc on the Super Hero Squad line. But like Doc Ock, this time around everyone is modeled after their comic looks instead of the movies!

The super-tongued super villain!

The first version of Venom released was his movie costume but super cute, while his second figure was a menacing beast that blended his movie and comic counterparts, so this third figure goes straight for the realm of comics!

Eddie Brock was once a respected journalist but once got duped into interviewing a guy he believed was Sin Eater and the story ran in The Globe. Of course, just days later, Spider-Man caught the actual Sin Eater and the Daily Bugle ran that story, resulting in Brock’s termination. Angry at Spider-Man, he began body building but lost his wife, so he went to a church to either commit suicide or ask God for forgiveness. Instead, he became bonded with the Venom symbiote that Spider-Man had just discarded by help of the church bells.

Venom is based off his original design by Todd McFarlane which is lacking one of his most famous attributes: the tongue. A hulking figure, Venom looks like he stepped right out of the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #300. While Venom is about the height of the average Super Hero Squad figure, he’s about twice as wide and twice as thick.

Venom’s costume is pretty basic, it’s an all black suit with white eyes, teeth and spider emblem. But the paint delivers the design flawlessly. Venom’s hands are slightly clawed and he moves at the shoulders.

Wall-crawling, web-slinging, wise-cracking hero!

While Venom looks great, Spider-Man suffers. And I mean suffers. The sculpt is an attempt at having Spider-Man crouching down while shooting webbing out of both his hands. It’s a fairly standard pose that should be similar to the one that came with movie Doc Ock.

One immediate thing you notice about Spider-Man is his giant head and his weird, unsettling eyes. They’re just big, white and open and don’t look right. The big change is the fact that this is his comic costume, so the webbing in inlaid on the figure and he’s given a wash to bring out the design. On larger figures, this usually works fairly well for Spider-Man but here it doesn’t. The blue portion of Spidey’s suit is painted glossy blue.

But quality control here is a mess. My first version of Spider-Man had all of his joints sealed by the wash, so when I tried to move his arms and head – they came off! So I got a second version of the webhead.

And this one didn’t fare much better. The wash is messy and lacking completely on his head, but at least his articulation worked. But for some reason, it looks like Spider-Man has been a victim of foot binding! His feet are horribly deformed and about a third of the size they should be. It’s impossible for him to stand and you can see something when wrong because the foot hole is visible and the Marvel copyright stamp on his foot is halfway cut off!

Venom is a great figure that does a fine job of showing off his original appearance but without the tongue, he just doesn’t look right. As for Spider-Man, getting two of the same figure with issues that make him broken isn’t fun. Bad paint and horrendous quality control ruin this pack so buyer beware when grabbing this one.

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August 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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