Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: She-Hulk & the Thing

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The Spider-Man Super Hero Squad had a tendency to always include the hero with a few exceptions, so while Iron Man makes up for this by usually including himself at least twice in each set, Hulk takes the Spider-Man path. So naturally, this pack includes two members of the Fantastic Four. Sometimes the Hulk just doesn’t make sense.

Cosmic-powered power house!

The Thing is no stranger to either fighting the Hulk or getting figures in the Super Hero Squad. This one marks his third sculpt, but fourth figure. This version of Ben Grimm is meant to look menacing with him pounding his fist into his hand. In concept, it’s a great, unique approach to the figure but like some of Spider-Man’s less than stellar figures, good ideas don’t always translate into good figures.

Thing’s appearance is based on his classic Fantastic Four costume; he’s wearing navy blue shorts with a white belt and moves at the neck and waist. The rest of him is sculpted to look like rocks and his skin texture looks amazing. Though it does kind of look like he has webbed elbows at some angles, but straight ahead his arms look fine.

His head on the other hand, doesn’t. The Thing’s eyes are usually sunken into his head but for some reason this figure has eyes that are bulging out of his skull! It’s really unsettling and had the eyes been sunken, he would look great. The other big issue with the Thing is just his size: he’s way too small. The Thing should be almost as big as the Hulk, not the same size as Spider-Man!

The super strong, super hero lawyer!

The cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters was accidentally shot during an attack intended for her father and was in dire need of a blood transfusion and ended up getting some of Bruce’s gamma radiated blood and she turned green! But instead of becoming angry and full of rage, Jennifer went from being the shy introvert into becoming an outgoing costumed super hero that preferred being green!

Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema as a way for Marvel to make sure that the Incredible Hulk TV show wouldn’t just introduce a female version of the Hulk, she was the last character created by Stan Lee before his move to California to work on Marvel’s TV and movie business.

This figure of She-Hulk is in her modern purple and white outfit, nothing more than just gloves, boots and a leotard. Unlike most Super Hero Squad figures, She-Hulk isn’t squatting; she’s standing upright and raising a metal I-Beam over her head. She-Hulk’s got a great sculpt, but it would have benefitted with a bit more bulk to it. Her arms should be slightly bigger than Ms. Marvel’s after all! She-Hulk only moves at the shoulders and those joints are connected because the I-Beam isn’t removable.

While the sculpt is well done, She-Hulk’s got some paint and assembly problems. Since her costume is mostly white, any mistakes in paint are very noticeable and she’s got some slop on her boots and her gloves bleed onto her arms. Another issue is her head assembly, with her hair being a separate piece of plastic, it is glued to her head and ending up being misapplied and having some glue showing.

Getting a pack that doesn’t include the Hulk is a nice break and the potential of this pack is excellent. If the Thing had a little more bulk and put his eyes away, he’d be a really unique figure. As for She-Hulk, the I-Beam is always there which is a shame and her paint is really hit or miss but Jennifer is worth grabbing.

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August 18th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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