Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Wolverine & Psylocke

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The X-Men have had an interesting history. Now they’re among the greatest super hero teams of all time, but they weren’t always like that. For many years, there weren’t any X-Men books at all! The whole team turned into guest stars in the Marvel Universe. So when the X-Men came back, they were popular and have stayed that way ever since.

Ultimate fighter with super sharp claws!

Wolverine is no stranger to the Super Hero Squad line, already having over half a dozen different variants so getting a new Wolverine is a lot like getting a new Spider-Man: occasionally a pleasant surprise but usually a lot of disappointment. This time around, Logan gets a new sculpt that isn’t bad – in fact it’s one of his best!

Wolverine is wearing his Giant Sized X-Men era suit. He’s got the black mask, the yellow suit with black tiger stripes and the odd bright red belt. His boots are flared and blue to match his gloves. This look is the iconic Wolverine (unless you prefer the brown suit). Wolverine’s sculpted with a slight lean in his shoulders but both sets of claws are popped and he’s ready for action. Wolverine moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is mostly well done but starts to look really sloppy under close inspection. The yellows and blues bleed into each other and his right glove’s paint falls short. Wolverine also has two red marks on his chest that may be injuries but look like mistakes. In an odd move, Wolverine’s eyes aren’t solid white but actually show off his eyes.

Psychic swordswoman!

Psylocke really shows just how contrived X-Men continuity can get. Elizabeth Braddock is the twin sister of Brian Braddock – better known as Captain Britain. And she happens to now be Chinese (I think) and a ninja (so maybe she’s Japanese). Either way, she went from being a British telepath to a ninja that makes telekinetic knives. And she has purple hair.

Psylocke’s costume design seems to be based on the idea of drawing a girl as close to naked as possible and covering it up. She’s just wearing a bathing suit, knee high boots, gloves, a few odd straps and a pink sash (because she’s a girl). It’s skimpy and all the aspects of it are sculpted on instead of just painted.

While Tony Stark occasionally looks somewhat Asian in his toys, Psylocke doesn’t at all for some reason. Her purple eyes (that match her hair) are big. On her right fist is her psychic knife that’s made of translucent purple plastic to show off her power. In a surprising move, Psylocke moves at the shoulders.

The paint on Psylocke is a mixed bag. Her face is very well done, but the straps on her arms and legs are uneven and sloppy. The whole figure is cast in translucent plastic too so her arms look like they’ve been badly bruised in some areas.

Wolverine is so close to being a fantastic new version, but the paint issues prevent him from being excellent. As for Psylocke, she’s an okay toy but nothing super exciting. The paint really would have benefited from an extra coat but getting two of the Jim Lee era of X-Men is always a treat.

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August 1st, 2010 at 12:00 am

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