Iron Man Super Hero Squad Review: Crimson Dynamo Attacks

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I’ve got to hand it to Hasbro’s copy writers; they did a great job tying together the Iron Man packages so they fit in with the comic book world while still sounding like something that could happen in the movies. But even the best writers can’t show that this pack is nothing more than four repaints.

The nuclear-powered super villain known as the Crimson Dynamo attacks one of Stark International’s secluded desert storage facilities, intent on stealing what technology he can sell, and destroying the rest! Luckily, Iron Man is there, testing his new desert combat armor. Using his remote systems, he takes control of two other powerful armor systems and turns the tables on his attacker!

Crimson Dynamo got released in the first wave of the Iron Man 4-packs and this figure is a straight repack of the figure. It’s a fine representation of the 6th Crimson Dynamo though the paint seems to be more maroon than crimson, which is a little odd.

The sculpt is still fine and the paint hasn’t changed, so the figure just seems like a necessity to include at least one bad guy in the two packs. Crimson Dynamo moves at the shoulders and waist. He’s not a bad figure, but we’ve seen him already.

Desert Armor Iron Man is a repaint of the unmasked Extremis armor that came in the Hall of Armor 4-pack, but at least his suit looks different. Basically, they just switched the colors so what was gold is now brick red and what was red is now gold. It’s a neat looking suit but of all the figures to repaint, giving us another unmasked Tony seems odd. Desert Armor Tony moves at the neck, right shoulder and waist.

Had this figure been a different repaint but in these colors, it could have been really neat. Sure, if you missed the classic version of Tony, this is a fine replacement but by showing off his unmasked head you can’t put this visually distinct armor in his armory! Unless it’s a L.M.D. (Life Model Decoy).

One of the two remote controlled armors in the set claims to be Classic Iron Man, but it’s a repaint of the Silver Centurion armor. Only all that was silver has now been turned to gold because Tony Stark has far too much money. While I don’t have any knowledge of this armor showing up in the comics, it seems like the kind of thing Tony would do.

The figure is alright, but the shoulder pads and lack of neck articulation really limit the movement. Still, the paint is crisp and clean and he at least moves at the waist and shoulders.

The second armor claims to be War Machine and while James Rhodes wore the Iron Man armor for a while in the 80s while Tony battled his alcoholism. But during that time, he went by Iron Man, not War Machine. This suit would technically be Variable Threat Response Battle Suit Mark I but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But Assault Iron Man does!

While a straight repaint of War Machine’s suit, putting it in Iron Man’s classic red and yellow really helps set it apart. It just feels right and seems like a suit Iron Man would have floating around. Or it just doubles as his Anti-Punisher armor since Tony seems to keep making armors to fight his friends. This armor moves at the waist and shoulders.

Between this pack and the Genius of Tony Stark pack, it seems like Hasbro was caught off-guard by the popularity of Iron Man. While Hulk had two waves of figures planned out for his movie, Iron Man only originally had his first two 4-packs. So these two sets of repaints feel kind of rushed, but I think they were. These sets just had to be made to fill the void between wave 1 and the third wave that actually had figures based on the movie just in time for the DVD release.

Iron Man Super Hero Squad

Wave 1 – 4 Packs
Hall of Armor
First Appearance Iron Man, Silver Centurion Iron Man, Tony Stark & Hulkbuster Iron Man
Iron Man Face Off
Iron Man, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man

Wave 2 – 4 Packs
Crimson Dynamo Attacks
Crimson Dynamo, Desert Armor Iron Man, Assault War Machine, Classic Iron Man
Genius of Tony Stark
Ultimate War Machine, Iron Spider, Hulkbuster Iron Man & Second Appearance Iron Man

Wave 3 – 4 Packs
Iron Monger Attacks!
Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark III, War Machine & Iron Monger
Danger of the Dreadknight
Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Dreadknight & Zhang Tong, the Mandarin

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