Hulk Super Hero Squad Review: The Brawl that Shook the World

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The Hulk Super Hero Squad clearly took its game plan from Spider-Man’s line. A bunch of two-packs along with one giant pack that’s all repaints – I feel like I’ve heard all of this before.

Just when the Hulkbusters have the Incredible Hulk cornered in New York City, the Abomination comes smashing through, destroying everything in his path! Though the Hulkbusters are protected in their powerful Sonic Tank, only the Hulk has the power to stop the Abomination and save the city!

Unlike the Spider-Man 5-pack, this set actually includes decent, mostly unique looking figures. But like any pack based on a hero, they’ve all got to start with that hero. Hulk is a repaint of his figure that came with Abomination and really only has one change: he’s wearing different pants. Instead of blue ones, Hulk is now sporting brown pants. It’s nice to know that Bruce Banner is trying new fashions.

While the pants color is the only difference, that’s okay because this is an excellent Hulk figure. The crouching pose with a fist on the ground while the other one is recoiling for a punch, it looks great. If you don’t have this Hulk figure but love the Super Hero Squad style, this is the one to grab!

Like Hulk, Abomination is a repaint of the figure in the same pack but his paint results are a mixed back. From the head down, Abomination looks pretty good for the movie design. His bone spurs are appropriately colored and his chest looks much better since all the paint is dry brushed on.

The big issue with Abomination (other than the fact that he looks nothing like the Abomination should) is the paint on his face. He’s still got the Bambi eyes and the paint on his mouth makes him look like he’s got buckteeth. Finally the stretched skin ends up looking more like whiskers! It’s absurd, but not in the fun way.

The remaining two figures are identical and repaints of the Hulkbuster Soldier we’ve seen before. Not much has changed this time other than the fact that the uniform’s colors have been switched. What was dark gray is now light gray and vice versa. It’s minimal but works well enough.

The biggest change to these soldiers is their goggles and weapons. They’re sporting lime green goggles (probably for seeing gamma radiation) and their formerly N-Strike NERF guns have gotten a new coat of paint. Sure, they still look a lot like NERF guns but at least the colors are now just grays and the odd lime green. It’s a vast improvement but still looks like of odd.

This pack also includes a vehicle for the Hulkbusters! It’s a Sonic Tank that looks suspiciously like Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder. But it makes sense, because it actually is the same vehicle only repainted in gray, charcoal and lime green to match the soldiers. The Sonic Tank looks pretty good, and is a good reuse of the mold that turns the engine into a sonic blaster. Besides, that’s actually a weapon they used to fight the Hulk in the movie!

While I would have preferred a less science fiction-y vehicle, it works well as a repaint and still manages to use the action feature to flatten the wheels and lower the blaster, like it’s locking into position to fire or something. It’s also sporting little wheels so it can be rolled around on the floor.

If you really love both The Incredible Hulk and Super Hero Squad figures, this is the set for you to pick up. Sure, all the parts are repainted and if you just want Hulk and Abomination, grab their two-pack. But this pack meets my requirements for a fun set; it’s got a good guy and a bad guy so it’s an instant brawl in a box!

Written by jestergoblin

September 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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