Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Super Hero Headquarters Helicarrier

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A few years back, Hasbro showed off a Helicarrier in their Super Hero Squad display. Many fans, including myself, were excited at the potential of getting the giant boat in the sky. So the following year, Hasbro showed off the new Super Hero Headquarters and it looked suspiciously similar to the base of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The mightiest Marvel heroes are ready to save the day with their amazing abilities and super powers. Build your team and join in the battle with the Marvel Super Hero Squad!

The “Super Hero Headquarters” is a massive playset/vehicle and easily blows Hasbro last attempt with the Mobile Command Center out of the water. It even decimates the pop-up playsets they released last year. A foot long and almost five inches tall when closed up, it’s a perfect representation of a Helicarrier. Sure, it’s not exactly in scale but the days of getting six-foot long playsets are over.

The helicarrier gets by with minimal paint applications; instead it uses different color plastics to be colored. It’s mostly a gray-blue with charcoal and red pieces with the occasional S.H.I.E.L.D. decal and a few stickers that you’ve got to apply yourself. There’s some minimal assembly, but nothing too complicated, like attaching the jet turbines to the side of hull.

The deck and hull are covered in assorted guns, because Nick Fury has bigger trust issues than Tony Stark. At the center console, there’s a disc launcher along with four firing discs that all are emblazoned with the Super Hero Squad SHS symbol. The whole ship is appropriately futuristic without going too far into the “that’s impossible” realm. One of my favorite touches has to be the rudder at the stern of the ship; it’s also the trigger to fire off the disc launcher! Absolute genius and one of the best implementations of an action feature I’ve seen in ages.

There are two silver boxes on the deck of the ship (which has a fantastically giant S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it) and when you push them simultaneously, the hull splits open to reveal an abundance of battle stations below deck. The right half consists of two monitors spying on Doctor Doom and MODOK and showing the Avengers‘ Quinjet. The left side looks to be general maintenance, including a crane and some gas cans. In the middle is a ramp with a S.H.I.E.L.D. glider that looks like it was stolen from Green Goblin.  When the buttons are pressed again, it launches the glider out!

The set also can take three AAA batteries for lights and sounds, but I only kept those in for a few minutes before growing bored of them. The helicarrier makes laser noises when the discs are shot and makes other noises when the hull is popped open. The package claims it is the theme song, but I have yet to watch anything related to the show.

The playset also includes a brand new version of Iron Man in his modern Extremis armor. Tony is completely free of the traditional Super Hero Squad stance and is standing upright so he’s taller than Captain America! The suit looks good and is mostly red with some minor yellow detailing along with a white ARC reactor and white eyes.

Tony’s feels almost too big, but for a guy wearing a suit of iron armor, he’s probably close to the right size. He’s clutching his right hand and his left is ready to repulsor anyone who comes near him. His face has an odd smile on it that seems kind of creepy, but the figure works well both as a standard Iron Man and as an addition to the Armory. Iron Man moves at the shoulders and neck.

What’s amazing about this playset is that it costs almost the same amount as the Mobile Command Center, but is such a better toy! For kids, it’s a great playset full of multiple play features and gives your good guys a place to meet up. Give the bad guys Doom’s Castle and you’ve got some epic battles on your hands! For collectors though, this is a fantastic display piece as a helicarrier. Finally, it gives Nick Fury some place to watch the world from and it does a fine job of that.

Written by jestergoblin

July 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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