Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Carnage & Ben Reilly Spider-Man

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I’m willing to accept an absurd amount of Spider-Man figures for one reason: that guy has clones, a lot of clones. On one hand, this pack represents everything that was wrong with Spider-Man in the 90s but on the other hand, it is just so much fun.

Part man, part monster, all bad guy!

Pretty much the redheaded stepchild of the symbiote family, Carnage was created originally as a replacement for Venom, but it turns out you can’t kill off popular characters. So Carnage needed a new back story and he got one, along with the name Cletus Kasady. With a name like that, it’s no wonder he became a serial killer.

A complete sociopath, Kasady ended up in jail for multiple murders and shared a cell with Eddie Brock. When the Venom symbiote freed Eddie, it left behind another symbiote that bonded with Cletus and turned him into Carnage. Oh, and the reason Carnage is red and black is because it’s bonded with his blood.

Carnage is a brand new sculpt and looks pretty decent but the figure feels more feral than Carnage is usually portrayed. He’s almost too bulky with his hunched over posture. There are multiple tendrils coming off of the figure that look good and he’s got some seriously clawed hands. Carnage moves at the shoulders and neck.

The most iconic aspect of Carnage has to be his black and red design. A blending of the two colors in constant motion, it’s hard to properly convey that look and while this figure tries to be painted, it doesn’t work entirely right. He’s mostly red with thick black lines running randomly over him. I wish the lines were thinner and there were more of them. His eyes are also odd because they’re painted over and the remnants of the lower layer of paint are visible.

Heroic clone of Spider-Man!

Ben Reilly was a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal that showed up in Amazing Spider-Man #149 and was believed to have been killed when Spider-Man dumped the body down a smokestack. Turns out the clone lived and he adopted the name “Ben” after Uncle Ben and “Reilly” was Aunt May’s maiden name and tried to live a new life.

It wasn’t until the events of the Clone Saga that he showed back up as the Scarlet Spider. After years of Marvel saying they didn’t know which one was the real clone, either Ben or Peter, Peter and Mary Jane left New York City for a while and Ben took over as the new Spider-Man.

The new Spider-Man costume takes the classic imagery of the Spider-Man suit and updates it without looking too bad. The head is the same and the chest is all red and webbed with a giant spider emblem that wraps around him. He’s also got these odd half-boots and gloves that only cover the thumb, pointer and pinky on each hand. The biggest change is his external web shooters. Since Ben was just as smart as Peter and didn’t have to deal with super villains trying to kill him daily for years, he was able to invent some new gadgets. He created impact webbing that allowed him to shoot large amounts of webbing in a ball that would solidify and trap people.

New Spider-Man is in the same pose as Black Costume Spider-Man, so his hands are outstretched but he only moves at the neck. The paint on the figure is a mixed bag, the blue and silver look good and the red has a black wash over it for the webs (that thankfully doesn’t cause issues this time around) but his eyes have some issues. His left eye has way too much black around it, while his right eye seems to not have enough.

Packing together Ben Reilly with Carnage makes a lot of sense though, because the Carnage symbiote ended up bonding with Ben at a time to create Spider-Carnage. But now Ben is dead, since he sacrificed himself to save Peter from the Green Goblin but with the events of Brand New Day, who knows what is in store for this clone.

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August 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

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